Friday, October 8, 2010

AMERICA – LAND OF THE LAZY � The Burning Platform

China graduates that many math and science grads because they don’t waste their time trying to educate everyone, and forcing people to go to school who don’t want to be there.

They also have an atrocious human rights record.

Their schools are also vastly inferior to the western world. Let them make their place in the world. I enjoy global competition. In fact, if I could live on what a Ukranian, Indian, or Chinese can live on, I could work for the pay they work for. I can’t, but I can also out work any them, and so can any American.

Bill Gates is dead wrong when he says the US needs to bring more H1B Visa holders to the US. Notice, he wants them here, and he wants a cheap labor force. Notice he doesn’t want less money for himself, just everybody else.

I stand by my initial premise that we have an advantage over the rest of the world, that of having won all modern wars, including the cold war. Being the world’s most powerful country, economically and militarily, and the printer of the world’s reserve currency has allowed the US to get away with murder. What remains to be seen is how long it continues and whether the domestic economy can survive once the inevitable public spending contraction occurs.

The ongoing GFC spawned the ongoing SDC and the emerging Domestic Forclosure Crisis (DFC). If there’s no qualified buyers of foreclosed properties, which there doesn’t appear to be, then Banks can foreclose all they like, there assets are going to plummet along with everyone else’s.

AMERICA – LAND OF THE LAZY � The Burning Platform

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