Sunday, May 29, 2011

Senate budget pounds Perdue staff | projects

I agree, keep the Office of the Governor cuts in place, and cut the General Assembly's budget at the the same percentage as most other agencies, anywhere between 7 and 15 percent.

In general, let agencies cut all services in meeting their spending cut goals of 10 percent. Then let's start talking about where the other 90 percent of the budget is being spent.

A financial tsunami is about to hit in terms of the federal government's ability to borrow money. If our state's fiscal house is not in order, it will get swept away by the ensuing flood. The biblical reference, for those of you keeping score, is Matthew 7:24-27.

We're witnessing the end of the socialist revolution on a global scale, and possibly the fall of western civilization. How we respond to the absolute necessity to reduce federal deficit spending will determine our fate as a society. A reduction in federal deficit spending necissitates a reduction in state spending, that cannot be made up for in increased taxes.

The coming year will see states and local governments declaring bankruptcy, with the the feds doing everything they can to prop them up and maintain status quo. When will the emporer realize he's wearing no clothes? Perdue should be working with the majority in the General Assembly to cut spending, instead of protecting her sacred cows.

Senate budget pounds Perdue staff | projects

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