Friday, July 29, 2011

WHO ARE THE EXTREMISTS? « The Burning Platform

Thanks for the bipartisan article. Using Carville and Rove in the same sentence, priceless.

As for the fourth turning, why does it have to be a civil war? It seems that since this financial crisis is global in nature, the “civil” war will in reality be a “global” war, and it will occur due to a shortage of natural resources, when one country invades another for lack of food, water, or energy.

Granted, the risk assessment going into 2008 was that former soviet block countries would be unable to quell popular uprising when their governments become unable to feed the people. What happens when new governments form, still unable to feed the people, especially in the Middle East?

Cap, cut, balance is the best approach to the contrived debt ceiling crisis. Balancing the budget over a period of time, say 10 years should give the markets some level of confidence, and prevent the sudden shock to the system of cutting spending all at once. Raising the debt ceiling for the short term will allow continued discussion, that is, if the fear mongering can be set aside.

Call your representative’s and urge them to support a balanced budget amendment, otherwise, the debt ceiling will become our prison.

WHO ARE THE EXTREMISTS? « The Burning Platform

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