Monday, February 27, 2012

Meth lab busts soar in N.C.

The bad and good news is meth lab busts soar. Drug use is an epidemic. The percentage of arrests that are for drugs is staggering, and the related crime from addicts has a high social cost. We're losing the war on drugs just like every other state sponsored war beginning with the war on poverty, look at Detroit,  and the wars on drugs, and now terrorism.

The only winner is the federal bureaucracy which justifies spending vast sums of borrowed dollars on these causes, while at the same time perpetuating the very thing they attempt to combat.

Running out of money is the only thing that's going to curb the beast that has become our federal government. Next year is going to be tough when automatic federal spending cuts take effect, if Congress doesn't change it's mind, long term unemployment benefits run out, and the Bush era tax cuts expire.

There's no magic bullet except reducing the size of the federal government, beginning with the DHS. It's either that or a police state when the US Treasury loses the ability to borrow money, or a nation enslaved by debt. Either way, it's no longer possible to support the public sector in the manner in which it has grown accustomed, with borrowed money.

That's the reality of the fiscal circumstances in which our federal government finds itself. I say start cutting federal spending now, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who promising to do so  if elected. There's no other way we survive as a nation of free people.

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