Monday, April 9, 2012

America: A Government Out Of Control « The Burning Platform

Satan would have a one world government to more effectively enslave the global population. The homey’s in FL are not an issue. The homey’s in DC are an exponentially greater problem. Martial law and the suspension of constitutional rights are an exponentially greater problem.

The Trayvon Martin case may trigger some retaliation violent crimes, as they already have. There may even be a Rodney King style response by the black community. It didn’t work in 1992, even when the riots spread up and down the west coast as far South as San Diego, and as far North as Portland, OR. These were disaffected individuals looking for an excuse to commit mayhem.

Even this isn’t a big problem as long as you don’t get caught up in it.

The bigger problem is state sponsored violence against it’s own citizens. And no, I’m not talking about police brutality. The american people won’t stand for it, and the only way it will be successful is an all out assault. AWD and his kind will go underground, and wait them out. No foreign country has been foolish enough to invade US soil since the american revolution. The US federal government would be equally foolish. Wars aren’t won with bullets, boots or technology. They are won with commitment, determination and perseverance. While there is no doubt the enemy, the Devil, is cunning, there is equally no doubt as to the outcome of all out war, or Armageddon. Human will, sacrifice, and courage will win the day, regardless of how many traitors the Devil has recruited, or how powerful.

America: A Government Out Of Control « The Burning Platform

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