Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TEXAS GOP REVOLT « The Burning Platform

CH, I accept your distinction between economic and political systems. Soviet Communism supported 2% of the population as Party Members, who held the best jobs, lived in the best housing and shopped in the best shops. As near as I can tell, crony Capitalism supports 1%, with the rest of society working in a service economy.

Breaking the grip of the central planners on the economy, by removing control over the means of production and control over policy makers is the key. Holding those accountable for wrong doing is the means. When one can change the rules to suit themselves, whether it’s flushing the US Constitution down the commode under the past two administrations, or replacing state’s delegates by the national party, we have become a lawless society. When central planning fails, it’s replaced by anarchy, which we have already witnessed in post-Soviet Russia. Where as mob bosses have gained power, we see the resurgence of state control.

Re-establishment of the rule of law and a Constitutional Republic will break the grip of Satan over the world, where Ron Paul was willing the lead the fight. I don’t know where Romney and Ryan stand, although I may have to retract my statement about voting for the most incompetent candidate. I had no reservations about voting for GWB because he is a professed Christian. That’s good enough for me.

TEXAS GOP REVOLT « The Burning Platform

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