Thursday, September 13, 2012


The attacks yesterday were carefully orchestrated, and demonstrate the US failure in the War on Terror. But, then, there never really was any war on terror, only an excuse to spend vast sums of money. The same for the wars on Poverty and Drugs, these being preceded by the Cold War.

Fiat currency failed in the nineteen thirties, and it was only after a World War and the US Treasury Note becoming the world’s reserve currency that the US came back from the Great Depression. There is no event on the horizon that will rescue the sovereign nations of the earth from the bankers, no new caches of natural resources, no new world’s to conquer. When the US bailed out the bankers in 2008, it sealed the fate of the USD.

When the dollar fails, at least we won’t need to be concerned about how to pay for $200T in unfunded federal liabilities. That will be the least of our worries, while we try to feed ourselves with GM crops, the seeds of which are patented and enforced by the same US government purchasing billions of rounds of small arms ammunition, and labeling constitutionalists as terrorists.

US Foreign Policy in Libya isn’t a failure, it successfully further entrenches the need for the out of control federal bureaucracy to go even further to erode the civil liberties of US Citizens in the name of security.

The US created the very terrorist organizations with whom it now purports to be at war. Epic fail? No, epic win, if you’re Charlie Sheen.


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