Friday, October 19, 2012

HUBRIS IS NOT A STRATEGY « The Burning Platform

Zara, JFK was killed by Israel? How was it he and Bobby were threatening them?

It couldn’t have been the mob, could it?

Everybody knows the mob are Italian. Sorta blows a whole in your little theory. Zara, the one trick pony doesn’t even have a alibi. You can call me a christian zionist if you like, it’s your privilege to cast dispersions. Even so, I’m not buying it, or your quaint dispersions of truth. You should take Job’s wife’s advice, just curse God and die already.

You do have an interesting perspective on global geopolitics. Too bad it just doesn’t hold any water. Tell me why you hate Israel so much. Even if all of your claims against Israel are valid, they’re rather insignificant compared to everything else going on in the world. Or is there some special significance to the 22K sq KM in the ME called the state of Israel? If so, why? The very fact that you’ve placed such significance on something relatively insignificant betrays your motive, namely, that you’re a run of the mill anti-Semite. My only question is why? Even though I don’t expect an answer, god haters are generally void of any sound reason.

Have a nice day, except I also don’t expect you to take my advice. Try Job’s wife’s, and get back with me.

HUBRIS IS NOT A STRATEGY « The Burning Platform

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