Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FREE SHIT ZOMBIE NATION « The Burning Platform

flash, you should get your own site, only problem is no one will read it. I read your little copy and paste exercise on another site yesterday, maybe the same one you read.

Gangs in the US ARE A PROBLEM, and the POTUS and CONUS are doing absolutely nothing about it, because the root cause is the feds aren't enforcing existing immigration laws.

When we are no longer a nation of laws, then we're anarchists, which is what our federal government has become, and are no longer the legitimate governing body. I'm counting on State governors and County Sheriff's to stand up to the feds, and I'll back them up with every means at my disposal.

What are the feds going to do when all fifty states secede and call a constitutional convention? My concern is what might come out of such a convention, but scrapping the dollar and passing a balanced budget amendment are high on my list.

It sucks if you're a government dependent, but it's on!!!

FREE SHIT ZOMBIE NATION « The Burning Platform

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