Monday, February 18, 2013

GRINDING AMERICA DOWN « The Burning Platform

Zara, you've got things 180 degrees backwards. Par for the course.

If the Zionists were all powerful, as you say, then how were 6M of them slaughtered in death camps during WWII? While it is interesting that Hitler would take out his vengeance upon them, it may be less crazy than it seems. If you're going to establish a world government, reigning supreme, then you've got to take God Almighty out of the way. Satan has been attempting to do this since Cain slew Abel.

More power to you, brother. Take the moat out of your eye.

LLPOH, a pussy? Never!

About the film, and the criticism. I only watched the trailer, but if popular politics can be distilled to a conflict between progressives and tea partiers, the tea party lost. Progressives have been at it for most of the 20th century. Privatizing profit and socializing risk. The industrialists took over this country by replacing the rail road monopolists, having been handed the reigns by Lincoln. Then these men colluded with international forces which brings us to the current manufactured crisis. These men and those like them are driven by unbridled greed, which will consume us all. What hope there is lies in the Constitution of the United States and the grantor of those inalienable rights.

The Bush Administration was worse than Obama could possibly hope to be, and Reagan started it all. Carter was the last POTUS to attempt to take on the bureaucracy in Washington, and he didn't stand a chance. How bad will the state of the economy have to become before men and women of conscience will stand against the oppressiveness of the federal government and the ruling class?

The constitution is the only legal instrument standing between us and tyranny. I'll make an effort to watch the entire film, but this shit is getting real, and if it ends at the point of a gun, so be it. I'll just be sure to take as many of the tyrannists with me as I can. There are far too many patriots who have given their lives for the freedom this country represents to allow those who would subvert their cause, contrary to any globalists delusions of grandeur, notwithstanding the principles upon which this country was founded, and the purpose of God Almighty in the lives and affairs of men.

It would be one thing if freedom was an instrument of man, however, it is not. Freedom is of divine origin, and no man or being can take it. Neither can man save himself, but he must look to the savior of all men, the God and Father of the Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Throughout the ages, the history of man is one of conquest and man's rising against oppression. The tyrants are usually and generally on the wrong side of history. Shalom and God Speed.

GRINDING AMERICA DOWN « The Burning Platform

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