Thursday, October 24, 2013


The out of control federal bureaucracy would have done anything to maintain control during the Carter Administration. They certainly weren't above assassinating a POTUS.

It's (not) funny how Lincoln, the war criminal who gave us an all powerful federal state, and Kennedy bookend the rise of federal power. Lincoln was assassinated by those opposed to federal power, and Kennedy was assassinated by the shadow government.

We learned, too, in Vietnam, the media is not to be trusted. It's also (not funny), how slow Satan is to adapt his methods. I'm assuming there's poor communication within the chain of command, which is a good thing.

As far as Obama, the worst POTUS ever, and Reagan go. They've both given us stratuspheric deficits. I suppose it could be said Reagan spent it on expanding the US hegemony by securing the Western Hemisphere, and Bush/Obama on destroying it.

Apparently, the global prize is Iran. Neither Russia, China, or the US are content to let anyone else gain control of it. It's called stalemate, which could go on for decades. The west is forcing a civil war on the nation of Syria, for what, a few barrels of oil, a natural gas pipeline, global hegemony? What takes it's place in Syria, political instability along the order of Iraq and Egypt? The ME could easily erupt into nuclear war. Is it worth it?

The US dollar is done. The only way it can survive is at the point of a gun. Is it worth it?

The US is done. The only way the feds can survive is at the point of a gun, and they've shown the willingness to use it, and any other means, especially class and race warfare to keep US citizens divided.

The cold war, war on poverty, war on drugs, and the war on terrorism were all excuses to spend unfathomable sums of money. We're witnessing the end of this limitless spending. The feds will not retreat quietly.

The ACA is a last ditch effort to socialize the US into a two tier society, one which the feds control. I will not retreat quietly. The ACA is a comedy of errors, beginning with it's passage, which will destroy medical care and the labor market in the same way FNMA and FrM destroyed the housing market.

The line in the sand is November elections. I supported Ron Paul in 2010, and I will support the Tea Party in 2014.

God bless America!


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