Friday, June 6, 2014

NIRP AFTER ZIRP « The Burning Platform

AWD on the wrong track, as usual.

Negative interest rates only show how truly worthless paper currency becomes. Rates will never go back up, unless hyperinflation hits, then it’s game over, economy blown.

So, if rates remain conducive for banks to continue gaming the system, the US will continue borrowing from the lender of last resort, when do the chickens come home to roost, and in what form?

Global hegemony for the US is the only way out, with China and Russia standing in the way.

I still think collusion between these three will be the order of the day. They’ll divide the spoils amongst their oligarchies, leaving serfs and elites, which is how Orlov puts it. This brings up the question of freedom, and when is anyone truly free, except in their own minds, and by the grace of God?

NIRP AFTER ZIRP « The Burning Platform:

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