Monday, January 19, 2015

The degradation of Society and morals and kindness and the rise of Selfishness.

I got involved with a home fellowship based Christian ministry 24 years ago, after having been raised in the church, serving in the military and graduating from a 4 year university. I had lots of odd jobs, started my own business, got into IT in 1997 and currently work in the public sector.

With all of the volatility in the world, there's isn't much hope anything is going to change for the better anytime soon. It's possible, but not very likely. The current world system could be tweaked to work for everyone, but it's being used to exploit the many for the gain of the few. The only sanity I have found, is the truth of God's word. The alternative is to accept people are greedy. I accept that people are greedy, that it is a part of human nature. That is a correct view. Is the solution then, to do as they do, or worse, since it seems the only way to beat them, is at their own game? Of course not! So, what is the answer? I had this same question, and I looked for the answer a lot of places, in world history books, etc. The history books are good at telling us what happened, but never the why. Of course, historians can postulate.

I didn't find any answers until I got involved with this Christian ministry 25 years ago, who taught me to read and understand the bible for myself. I don't proclaim to know everything, but I know who does.

I would encourage you to go around to different churches, until you find one you like. Just be yourself. A word of caution, however, if the leaders of the synagogue in Jesus' day were of their father, the devil, there's no reason to think the church is any different today. Christian doctrine was compromised with pagan beliefs to form a state religion in 3rd century Rome. This is where we get Sunday worship, Spring fertility rites at Easter, and Christ's mass at the winter solstice. However, we also have the truth of the one true God in his word, which has survived and is entrusted to us. Find a bible fellowship and don't give up on God. He hasn't given up on you.

So as not to offend anyone with my personal religious views, I'll pm you my personal e-mail and we can continue this discussion offline.

The degradation of Society and morals and kindness and the rise of Selfishness.:

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