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Christian Persecution - Page 4

Christian Persecution - Page 4: "LDS are not even monotheists at their core, therefore cannot be true Christians.
Except that you're lumping all LDS together. God looks on the heart, not you.

I agree that the issue of monotheism is why LDS is considered a cult, like JW and others. If you want to have a discussion about the polytheistic doctrine of the trinity, let's have at it.

If a Mormon is saved, and follows the teaching of the church, then the church is responsible for what it teaches, not him. IOW, it's not a sin to be ignorant, it's a sin to be ignorant when it's available to not be ignorant.

Now, let's apply this to mainstream christianity. If a person is saved, i.e. confesses Romans 10:9-10, and their church follows the Council of Nicaea including the doctrine of the trinity, i.e. a triune god, is that person any less a christian?

Yet, that is exactly what you're saying. It doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot. I like ZG's response, which is the christian response. seminolebreakingwind and others who want to define christianity in their own image aren't doing themselves or anyone else any good, which is the opposite of what a christian should be.

We are warned of false prophets, and the church has been splintered ever since Rome corrupted it, if it were possible, with paganism in the 3rd century. Martin Luther split from that church, yet even he wasn't able to arrest the corruption of the trinity. It's time men and women began living as the 1st century church, loving one another and showing compassion for one another, not the aberration it has become.

Some things to consider,

God never told Paul to build buildings in which to worship him
God never established Sunday as a day of worship, the jewish sabbath is a Saturday, if you want to follow the law.
Bunnies don't lay eggs, but they're wonderful props for spring fertility rites
Christ wasn't born on the winter solstice

But the biggest lie perpetrated on the christian church is the doctrine of the trinity, which 80 percent of christians either don't understand, or don't care, and if they don't understand it and you explain it to them, they don't agree with it. The other 20 percent vehemently defend it.

To the OP, persecution of christians world wide is as bad today, than at any other time in history. This can be demonstrated with what's going on in the middle east. Yet, there are those who would say that because you don't profess your christianity a certain way, that somehow what you say is any less inspired of God. Go tell it to the easter bunny, but don't try to tell me or anyone else they're less of a christian, or worse, not saved. It really rankles me when someone starts questioning whether someone else is a christian because of how they choose to worship God. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, not their denomination.

Thankfully, this nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Don't believe me, read the 1st amendment. If you don't like that one, read the second. "

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