Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Tyrants Worldwide Are Trying to Resurrect Old Empires Washington's Blog

Russia probably led the way. What does it tell you when the former head of the russian secret police is the authoritarian leader of russia? Therein lays the difficulty of the foreign policy of any nation. How far to you go to prevent the rise of an "evil empire"? China certainly falls into this category, yet no one is suggesting the US could overthrow the Maoists in China even if they wanted to. Quite the opposite, really, since the chicoms are in bed with US politicians anyway.

What stake in the geopolitics is there in Iran? this seems to be the prize which both sides, east and west covet. The answer of course, is energy. Should the US be involved in the ME? Probably not. Should the sovereignty of Israel be upheld? Do treaties mean anything. How much history are we to revisit? 

If the US were to leave the ME, what would that mean to the region? It would have been better for all if the US had never entered into war in Iraq in the first place. To prevent anyone else from having control of the region's oil supply is a poor reason, or losing one life in defense of the status of the dollar as the world's reserve currency status. Yet, here we are. Not only is there no retreat, where do we go from here?

It bespeaks of a much more sinister plot than the resurgence of regional strong men. After all, these have been shown to be puppets. It isn't control over oil or natural gas supplies, or pipelines carrying these supplies, it's control over all of the inputs of production, including human capital, and there is only one power capable of even imagining such a scenario, and that is Satan and the Devil.

This enemy is not defeating by man's wisdom, but only by the word of God almighty, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them, rightly divided and fitly spoken. Doing good is often enough, but when it is not, it is the truth of god's word which fills in the gap. Maybe it's enough to know the truth, however, some action must be taken. It requires wisdom to know the difference, and without the truth, there is no wisdom, only useful idiots. 

Why Tyrants Worldwide Are Trying to Resurrect Old Empires Washington's Blog:

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