Monday, June 20, 2016

tc allen: What Race Was Adam?

TC Allen, another fine post! I would like to submit to you, that God made Adam in his image, which sets him apart from the animal kingdom, which has breath life. What God created in Adam was spirit. Man is a 3 part being; body, soul, and spirit. What died in Adam on the day he sinned against God was his spirit. God then chose Israel from among the nations of the world to make himself known. Lineage, however, was vitally important in the OT. Today, with the work God wrought in Christ, any person, regardless of lineage can be born again of God's spirit. Lineage is still important, but God is no respecter of person's, judging all alike, and it is spirit which is of vital importance, since the day of Pentecost.

Thanks for an informative and interesting article. God be with us all.

tc allen: What Race Was Adam?:

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