Friday, December 2, 2016

75 Years of Pearl Harbor Lies

Then we're agreed, Lincoln was a lobbyist for railroad monopolists prior to his political ascendancy. These same railroad monopolists became the robber barons of the late 18th century. Lincoln was assassinated shortly after being elected to a second term because he made repealing the charter of the national bank a priority of his second term. One need only look at the plight of the American Indian to understand that no trust can be extended to the US federal government. The plight of the descendants of American Slaves is another matter, entirely, and I only mention it to be inclusive. Suffice it to say that socialist welfare dependency has done them no favors.

The bottom line of our current modern socio-economic and political duress can addressed by repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, repudiating the national debt, and retroactively making whole any holder of US treasury bonds except corporate stockholders, i.e. the global elite, as of a certain date, to avoid wholesale transfers of assets.

I've seen some reports in the media mentioning getting rid of the Fed, so at least it is being discussed. This, too, will be accomplished upon our victory.

75 Years of Pearl Harbor Lies:

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