Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New York Times Continues Lying About Ukraine

American involvement in the internal affairs of other countries is nothing new. One need only look to whom the benefit accrues to understand the negative nature of such actions.

That ordinary Americans tolerate such actions by their elected representatives only demonstrates their ignorance. The information age provides the ability with which to share ideas at the click of a button, yet the age old enemy of God and man is still at work. It's not a sin to be ignorant. It's a sin to be ignorant when it's available to be informed.

The success of the populist movements we've seen in the latter half of this year bear witness to the populist struggles of the Tea Party and Occupy movements, and even the Arab Springs. When people are informed, they're able to make decisions in their own best interest, and oppose those against.

Now is the time for all free men to stand up and say, "Lord, let it begin with me!"

New York Times Continues Lying About Ukraine:

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