Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christine Williams: My personal warning to Icelanders

So-called Liberals are able to reconcile their expressed beliefs of tolerance and diversity with sympathy for the intolerance of Islam simply because they hate God, and arrogantly align their thinking with a religion of hate. Jews, too, hate God, and are far more stealthy than Muslims.

I applaud Mr. Spencer. Unfortunately, I feel he's right for the wrong reasons. The bright line is whether one loves or hates God. Christians are being persecuted as much today as any other time in history. It is Christian countries that are under attack. Judaism is a dead religion, and the Ashkenazim Jew, the ruling class in Israel, are not even hereditary Jews. They are from a tribe called the Khazars who converted to Judaism, rather than either Christianity or Islam. There is no mention of them until 1000 AD, 300 years after the advent of Islam.

Islam is the spearhead into Europe and the West, but the one wielding the spear is the Jew. Soros is one of the main antagonists, as are the Rothschilds, who are intent on controlling Europe and global hegemony. The US is complicit and the American public fooled by the propaganda of Zionism.

Christine Williams: My personal warning to Icelanders:

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