Friday, June 23, 2017

Stockman Warns “A Great Big Coup Is On The Way” – The Burning Platform

Stockman is leaving out a factor in his equation, and that is the grass roots supporters who elected Trump to office, who've elected GOP representatives in special elections since November. It's Ryan and McConnell who need to understand mid-term elections can see them lose their power base as easily as the dems, as if they've forgotten.

These patriots will not lay down without a fight. If a recession hits and tens of thousands lose their jobs, there's no safety net. Only a replay of 2008 with banks taking possession of homes. How long before the middle class starts protesting. It won't be against Trump. It will be against the establishment.

It's easy to forget we govern ourselves, and "of, for, and by the people" should mean something. If it doesn't, then resistance by any means necessary is entirely justified, and in fact, the duty of anyone who has ever sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It's easy to forget who is the servant, and who is the served. For too long government has ignored and forgotten they don't exist without the support of the people. For too long government has served the interest of the few, to the detriment of the many. For too long they've gotten away with it, and unless the system is totally rigged, which I doubt, then it's time to bring these elected officials and civil servants, the deep state, into remembrance of whom and at whose pleasure they serve.

There is nothing broken which can't be fixed, and nothing crooked which can't be made straight. In fact, the Lord promises they will perish and wiped from the face of the earth. There's just a lot of violence that must take place between now and then, and I don't intend to become a victim.

Stockman Warns “A Great Big Coup Is On The Way” – The Burning Platform:

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