Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Stuck, I said they, faggots, are called sodomites in the bible. I thought it was clear enough, but apparently not enough for you.

Yes, I ran my own business for 5 years in the service industry and generally had one employee other than myself. I also started another business which didn't really take off..

I'm not an over achiever like you, yet I contribute to society. I work and pay taxes. Isn't that enough? You accuse me of being condescending, yet you're the one questioning why anyone would believe God. The fair question to ask is why wouldn't they?

Skeptics come and go, the word of God lives and abides forever. I can look that up for you if you like. If you call that condescending, so be it. What you believe matters little to me, since you don't believe anything anyway. However, I'll let you in on a little secret, everybody believes something. I choose to believe the word of truth, which is my privilege, just as it is yours to not believe. I don't knock what you believe, so why knock what I do? It's a strange, strange world when everything is either the truth, or a perversion of it. There's a lot more perversion than truth in the world today. You can believe what you will. However, don't believe me, believe God. Don't do anything I say, do what God says. If you don't know what he says, maybe it's time to start learning. However, it does no good to know what is right, and not do it.

However, Herr Stuck, I'm not convinced you know what is right, do you?

AVAILABLE « The Burning Platform

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