Monday, June 17, 2013

THE HIGH COST OF FREE SHIT « The Burning Platform

Civil unrest is what occurs when the pacification (Free Shit) programs fail.  We could have saved 50 years of grief if LBJ never got us into Vietnam, expanded the welfare state, and if the USCON had not enacted medicare, thereby hiding the real cost of health care in the federal deficit.

Instead we have 70 years of exponentially increasing deficits since the end of WWII, and we are on the vertical leading edge. Public borrowing and spending has replaced private investment, and we learn some maniacal 3 star army general has been running the NSA for 8 years and wants the entire internet under NSA control. Why? I'm assuming the operative word is control.

Perhaps if we had better control of the federal bureaucracy, we wouldn't have all of these other problems, or better control of our borders, or better control over spending.

Who believes we can't stop illegal immigration and drugs from coming into the country, given the level of the police state control we've seen since Sept 11, 2001?

Declaring war is an excuse to spend unfathomable sums of money on something, the Cold War, Poverty, Drugs, Terrorism. Tax and spend socialists became borrow and spend fascists. Let them come for me and God will be my judge!

Good morning, TBP!

THE HIGH COST OF FREE SHIT « The Burning Platform

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