Tuesday, August 20, 2013

McCrory campaign aides now working at DHHS have same pay, less experience than predecessors | Local/State | NewsObserver.com

I've got news for the teachers of North Carolina and anyone else working outside the beltline, these two salaries are business as usual. If we cut 20% of the budget and cut all services to the citizens of the state, then we can start talking about where the other 80% of the budget is being spent. The boomers are hanging on to their public sector jobs as long as they can, then they'll fight to the death to protect their pensions. That's what Governor McCrory is up against in Raleigh. He didn't cause it.

I would like the GA to consider legislation to prohibit one penny of the general fund to be spent on retiree health care. Up until 2006, state employees only needed to work 5 years to get free health care when they turn 65 or retire. Guess what happens when these boomers start turning 65? It is an insurance plan. It should be self sustaining and revenue neutral. If the previous generation screwed up, and it appears they most certainly did, how do we fix it? Tax neo-liberals? No, they would rather spend other peoples money. The General Assembly did the right thing this year by cutting taxes and spending to put the state on sound financial footing.

The federal bureaucracy is too far gone to save. We need to repeal ObamaCare, but instead we're going to get a government shutdown. January 2014 is when the job market goes the way of the housing market, after that, the dollar will collapse as our debt driven consumer economy can expand no further. I don't expect we'll make it through next summer without civil unrest and turmoil, the likes which haven't been seen since the last Great Depression.That's why DHS is staging military gear and equipment around the country. It isn't to provide relief to 280 million Americans, it's to implement martial law. Then we'll see neo-liberalism and neo-feudalism were the same thing, and begin asking ourselves, how do we break the bonds of oppression. The answer today is the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement. November 2014 will be a critical election to get free thinking candidates elected to office who aren't too afraid to stand up to the status quo. The left and the right, have a common enemy, it's the status quo, and it doesn't care who's in power. They've got their bases covered in both parties. Status quo should be challenged at both the state and federal levels, because the current status is unsustainable.

McCrory campaign aides now working at DHHS have same pay, less experience than predecessors | Local/State | NewsObserver.com

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