Wednesday, August 21, 2013

YEAH – THEY’RE WORKING FOR YOU « The Burning Platform

History teaches us what has happened in the past. Never before in the history of man has so much information been available to so many people. We have the internet, the modern tower of babel. The original tower was a planetarium, although I'm not sure how that would enable the dawn of civilization to "be able to do anything" or why the devil was allowed to cause them to lose their ability to understand one another, the idiom of permission. The printing press brought about the protestant revolution by putting God's Word in the hand of every man.

People will generally do what is right. The difficulty is they don't know what is right, and when they are told, they're disobedient. We have the example of the people of Israel. I expect no different from this generation, so I tend to agree we are in for a shit storm. However, hope resides in the knowledge of God and the truth of his word. We cannot destroy the Devil, but we can destroy his works,

"The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8b, ESV)

Jesus Christ exposed the kingdom of the Devil. He cast out devil spirits, and they adapted their ways. Prior to Christ, the Israelites were required to ceremonially wash their pots and pans, and not eat certain things to maintain the spiritual purity of the household. We live under the law of grace, not the law of sin, so that any man can come to God through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ.

Wickedness has always been in the world. The 20th century was a century of war. Technology has enabled warfare to reach the point where there are three super powers. We don't have any influence in those countries, but we can influence the US. Right now, the US is collaborating with China and Russia to divide up the spoils of the world, retaining power while subjugating their people. It requires the destruction of the american people, and perhaps rightly so, given our carbon footprint. We can look to the people of Russia, or China and understand that no American would trade the freedom they have today for residence in either of those countries. Russia is a thugocracy, and China is a party run slave state. We're closer to China than to Russia's politics, since the fall of the soviet union. It should be noted that central planning doesn't work, anywhere, where decentralization is key to free market economies. This is not laissez faire, but leveling the playing field. The opposite of what occurred under Clinton/Bush.

While we can't control what happens elsewhere in the world, we can influence politics here. The tea party has the most effective strategy, thus far. One can read their core beliefs at and except for a few minor points, who would disagree except those committed to the destruction of the country, and apparently rebuilding it in their image? Is our struggle simply one of cultural identity? No, because what the US stood for is individual freedom. This is being replaced by a fascist state before our very eyes, underlining the critical necessity of electing freedom minded candidates who will uphold the constitutional rights of individuals and stand against the tyranny of the federal bureaucracy. It is either the destruction of this bureaucracy or the destruction of the american people. We cannot co-exist.

YEAH – THEY’RE WORKING FOR YOU « The Burning Platform

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