Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ANOTHER ACT OF WAR « The Burning Platform

I'll have to admit to a certain bias toward the English language, maybe if Google translate was a little quicker, but even then, who gives a shit what anyone in the EU thinks, or vice versa?

Germany is the engine of a failing union, just as the US is the engine of a failing global economy. Dollar denominated debt is the biggest issue facing the West, and the global oligarchy will maintain status quo until there is a replacement for the USD. They will then usurp the USD with SDR's and let the dollar fall. They can't let it go completely, otherwise the debt will become valueless, as well.

Taking back the printing press from the Fed, and printing $16T in bills to pay off the national debt would be a start, then there's still $200T of unfunded federal obligations with which to contend.

Demographics will be the undoing, for all of the developed and developing nations. What this means for the social contract, and global corporatism remains to be seen. Corporations are beholden to the shareholder. This much has been proven beyond doubt. If only government was as beholden to the taxpayer and their constituents on a one person, one vote basis.

It's understood this flies in the face of many a vested interest. Perhaps this is what is needed the most. It's time for an American Spring, but not yet. The shadow government of Dick Cheney will reveal itself in due time. Everyone I know and everyone with whom I speak is ready for it. Most of these are ready for the return of Christ, as well. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that should give you pause to consider.

God bless, you, too, Stucky!

ANOTHER ACT OF WAR « The Burning Platform:

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