Sunday, April 10, 2011

RE’s Daily Rant-4/9/2011 « The Burning Platform

@So Very Doomed said, “A 90%+ Die Off seems certain in the Occident.”

Not very likely, even if we were to revert to a late 19th century means of production, although a die off of any magnitude will seem like it’s 90%.

RE made a point (ugh) that as fossil fuels become more scarce, the more powerful will consume them. If that were the case, that would be the end of discussion, however, one has to consider natural gas, and coal production as means of producing electricity, not to overlook nuclear. So, the argument isn’t as simple as RE makes it out.

How does one resolve the poverty problem? How simple does it have to be? Beginning with LBJ and the great society, you pay people to have babies, they have babies. Beginning with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, you pay people to not work, they don’t work. The fix is easy, quit disincentivising those who produce, and stop incentivising those who don’t.

I’m not familiar with MA’s five years of hell, but basically, our socialist state created the problem, and we’re experiencing the results. The fix will not be pleasant, but better than continuation of the problem. Until we own up to the failures of the socialist state, we ARE doomed.

At some point, even the statists in Washington will wake up to the fact the socialist model is failure. The only question left is whether they will resign peacefully or by force.

RE’s Daily Rant-4/9/2011 « The Burning Platform

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