Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tillis meets with groups about state health plan - Politics -

The State Health Plan was changed only recently from being fully vested at 5 years to being fully vested at 20 years of employment. Scott Anderson can view it as compensation if he likes, but the simple fact of the matter is North Carolina is self insured, and the plan needs and should pay for itself. It's not compensation, it's a self sustaining benefit. Should the servicing plan with BCBS be scrutinized? Probably, but the State Health Plan has to pay it's own freight, meaning it's members pay the premiums, choose healthy alternatives, and maybe support the medical claims tort reform the Legislature is proposing.

This may enrage those of you who favor a nanny state, but we're witnessing the failure of the socialist revolution on a global scale. North Carolina can reform it's spending priorities now or potentially find itself in a worse position in coming years. Even the NCAE has to recognize having any benefits is better than none. One can even surmise, as the Federal Government reigns in the deficit, if that's even possible in this political climate, that North Carolina may find itself a net recipient of skilled talent as people leave states with failed economies and high taxes. Let's see to it North Carolina doesn't lose ground in very difficult circumstances.

The best thing in this situation is for the House to find the votes it needs to override the Governor's vote buying veto and get on with the state's business. Let me reiterate the State Health Plan should be self sustaining, and put the servicing plan out for bid. Insurance is not a losing business. It's time the NCAE learns to stand on their own two feet. The same for anyone else who wants nanny to take care of them.

Tillis meets with groups about state health plan - Politics -

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