Sunday, April 3, 2011

What’s the next Move? « The Burning Platform

Of course, the world is watching, and probably wondering why would the US go into Libya. It's such a lame ass move! Let the fuckers kill themselves. Quadaffi has been in power 40 years, what difference does it make if he stays? I agree once the US committed forces, he has to go, unless we do an about face, which is the right move, but it won't happen. Another post addressed why we're in Libya and not Cote d'Ivoire.

The reason we're not in Syria is because of Russia and Iran, which borders the warm water port of the Black Sea which Russia covets.

It just defies logic why we're in the middle east for oil, when we could just as easily drill for oil here, or convert to NG, just ask T Boone Pickens, he's been an oil man all his life.

It can't be for oil, but there's another possibility. You can't have a one world government with a bunch of tin horn dictators who won't follow the play book. Again, he's been in power for 40 years. Same for much of the ME governments, whether monarcy or dictatorship. Perhaps Libya is the example to be made if the other petty caliphdoms don't line up. That is the most reasonable explanation of the inexplicable.

Freedom is contagious. Armageddon is upon us, and it's a spiritual battle. Every person will have to choose between individual liberty, or totalitarianism. You decide.

What’s the next Move? « The Burning Platform

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