Monday, January 2, 2012


In response to, FRACKING CAUSES EARTHQUAKES « The Burning Platform

If oil goes parabolic, billions will starve this time around.

Some neighboring counties to the south of where I live are selling mineral rights to companies. There is one main individual who stands to gain the most from the transactions, who bought the mineral rights back in the seventies for the possibility of coal exploration. There are legal issues around the ownership of the rights, however, the State of North Carolina is studying fracking.

If it can be done safely, why not? A few exceptions doesn't mean it has to banned, it just means it's been successfully used most of the time, and there should be contingency plans for when things go wrong, like relocating people, etc.

The problem is a lack of accountability by corporations and government for their actions. Just look at BP and the Gulf of Mexico, or Exxon and Prince Williams Sound. Oops, nothing to see here, move along. I'm sure our congressmen and women sleep well at night knowing they have abdicating their responsibility to the electorate in favor of corporate interests.

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