Thursday, January 26, 2012

Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar? « The Burning Platform

Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar? « The Burning Platform

The neocons have finally met a situation they can't bomb away. Goldorack is right, Iran is nothing like Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran has been strategically significant, even during the cold war, with Russion wanting a warm water port to operate naval vessels. In Irage, almost 4500 dead, over 100,000 wounded (, and almost $1.3T (thanks for the war clock, Admin) of debt later, and we've established a vassal democracy in the Middle East. Dictators are a lot cheaper, but out of vogue.

Iran is much larger geographically, roughly four times the size of Iraq, and twice the size of Afghanistan. Interesting enough, and I hadn't noticed it before, the neocons have Iran surrounded in some real world game of Risk. I don't think the US can afford to invade Iran, for any reason. Too many people are paying attention and it's been done too many times for a false flag event. Rolling up all conspiracy theories into one, and asking the question, what does the Devil have to gain? The answer is nothing. A one world paper currency whose value is controlled by the state which he controls is what he wants. A weaker dollar helps replace it with a broader currency that may include dollars as a hodgepodge of currencies. Not perfect, but the dollars usefulness as a fiat world reserve currency is coming to an end.

Besides, the Devil has gotten what he wants since 9/11/2011. A police state in the US and a global commitment to maintain crumbling fiat currencies in the dollar and euro. His ministry is to steal, kill, and destroy God's word in people's lives (John 10:10). We have witnessed the theft of tens of trillions of dolllars by the global elite, and we know it's located where it can't be repatriated (thanks Romney). A global financial collapse will result in the death of hundreds of millions, if not billions by starvation for the simple reason corporation are not in the business of losing money and they won't ship product at a loss.

There are three scenarios that accomplish genocide; nuclear war, famine, and pandemic. All of the money spent on bailing out the TBTF banks in the US and now Europe has gone into the hands of the global elite and hasn't eased suffering in the least. One in five families in the US are on food assistance, and the Greek economy has collapsed. The global elite are acting on a principle of giving a man a fish, so that he may eat for a day, and must return to the elitist every day for a fish. Eating for a day isn't my idea of prosperity or freedom.

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