Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LLPOH’s Update on What I See Happening « The Burning Platform

If a Dartmouth educated Native American MBA baby boomer can't make it, what possible chance do any of us have?

Yes, there a few who rise through the ranks to become C level execs, and I don't begrudge anyone their success. LL's business is privately held, thus he isn't beholden to the global oligarchy, which is why his company will fail. The oligarchy have solved the problems of succession.

North American can survive independently of the global economy. It appears the battle being wage, and lost, is control over the fruits of production. When the national GDP funnels into the hands of a few, wealth disparity continues to increase to levels not seen since the 1920's. Everyone wanted to get on the band wagon, investing in stocks.

It remains to be seen whether QE to infinity will be enough to offset the dampening effect of the ACA. Once again, as with medicare, socializing the risk and privatizing the profit. It's been a business model which has worked with spectacular success thus far, until it doesn't.

LL's manufacturing business is a cog in an increasingly irrelevant system. He'll live and die, having provided for his family to the nth generation. Same for MA. Don't know about Stuck, he's a sea anemone. Admin isn't doing to bad, having saved a phenomenal percentage of his wages over the years. You guys are the exception, maybe 20% at the most are ready for a long term decline in the economy, and it's most likely going to get worse before it better. A lot worse. Whether it rises to the level of the destruction of the social order remains to be seen, as well. Continuity of government has certainly been addressed.

LLPOH’s Update on What I See Happening « The Burning Platform:

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