Sunday, September 15, 2013


Argh, I want 5 mins of my life back. Liked calamity's response.

Education has to do with what are societies values. I laughed at someone's comment about inflation, and to think the feds have been "printing" money, borrowing and spending, in earnest since the Reagan Administration thirty years ago.

Nixon took us off the gold standard completely in 1972. Carter took office, and the feds took down the country, rather than allow the federal bureaucracy to be bridled. Granted, there was some external help from OPEC and Iran.

Education in this country, or Singapore, or anywhere else isn't the problem. The strangle hold of the global rent seeking oligarchy on the world's reserve currency is the problem, and the lack of jobs. We're all just useless breathers to the oligarchy.

The Devil is the god of this world (II Cor 4:4), and the only solution to fighting the enemy is with the truth of God's Word. Jesus Christ exposed the kingdom of the adversary, casting out demons and healing the sick. Before Christ, Israelis were required to obey the law to maintain spiritual cleanliness. With the advent of Christ and the day of Pentecost, we have the spirit of God in Christ in us, and everything Christ did, we can do and greater (Jn 14:12).

The dark ages succeeded the earthly reign of Christ after several hundred years and the fall of Rome, and indeed the light was gone out of the world. Christianity as practiced by all the major denominations today is a shell of the first century church, there is no difference in doctrine between any of them, primarily the doctrine of the trinity.

Chapter one of John is used to support the doctrine of the Trinity, which is a word that is not even used in scripture. It came about in the 3rd century as a compromise between paganism and Christianity, and it is where we get Sunday worship, the worship of the Sun god, Christmas at the Winter solstice, instead of September 11, 3 BC which is when there was a conjunction of 5 planets and is the sign the academic descendants of Joseph saw in Egypt and began their journey to Bethlehem, and Easter fertility rites, bunnies laying eggs.

There are powerful and nefarious forces at work in the world, and it is only by the word of God, and our belief and principle in upholding his Word, that we might endure, conquer, and overcome. If not as a society, then individually.

Education is what you put into it. When money means nothing, when you can just conjure it out of thin air, it's hard to put any value on anything except the truth of God's Word.


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