Sunday, December 8, 2013

Here Comes the SUN! « The Burning Platform

You lost me in the second paragraph with the arbitrary capitalization. Capitalism is still non-authoritative.  I'm going to go back and read the the rest, but one thing at a time.

I will have to say, too, that making capitalized words bolded, doesn't improve the flaw.

Still reading....

Good luck with the project. Sustainability is a term that will become the latest buzz word as it moves into mainstream terminology. Dmitry Orlov over at Club Orlov has been writing about communities that abide. I haven't bought into the concept, because, while everyone will recognize the importance of sustainability, a population event is going to need to occur before it becomes a reality. Detroit is currently growing their own food in the abandoned inner city. You may have written about that. I know I read it in a couple of places. Sustainable anything isn't going to happen until it's a necessity.

You're correct, the Greater Depression will potentially have more serious consequences than the 30's as the US "reverts to the mean," but the mean of what? First world countries? Or, are first world countries going to revert to the mean between 1st and 2nd world countries. Either way, the US is still better off than the rest of the world, until it isn't. There will always be the downward pressure of reversion, however, the US will be able to perpetually avoid the plagues of the rest of the world, unless we're invaded, or taken over by a police state. You see where the pressure is coming from.

What is the capacity of the earth to sustain life? I'll stop there, but sustainability will need to come from communities which band together, with the family unit at the core. Something Satan and our own government seem dead set against.

I will say this, too, that the USCON is the best legal instrument by which to effect liberty, which should be the goal of sustainable culture, and it is this document which those who serve and have served in the US military, and those who are elected to national office, have sworn to uphold and defend. There is also a subversive element within the government, and outside of it, which seek to annul it, the POTUS, current and preceding notwithstanding.

God speed to all.

Here Comes the SUN! « The Burning Platform:

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