Thursday, December 5, 2013


Once the ACA fails, what will replace it? Single payer medi-care for all? All, that is, except Congress.

When the dollar fails, the feds will nationalize all pensions, private and public, and put everyone on Social Security. Everyone, this is, except Congress.

How else can one fund $228T of unfunded federal obligations. Iceland is shelling out over a billion in mortgage debt forgiveness. One could wipe away all of the debt in the world, and wipe away the wealth of the global elite in one swipe. They are, essentially, growing increasingly wealthy on the interest on the debt of nations, which wasn't the case 8 years ago, but it sure was where we were headed.

I don't blame Obama more than any other POTUS going back to Reagan. They've been willing dupes. Hillary tried to get this health care monstrosity enacted during the first year of Bill Clinton's first term in office. Money, power, and greed have been a driving force since the inception of the federal government, and the pendulum may well have swung as far as it can toward federal power, with the budget being the one and only weapon to stem the tide of overreach.

We've past the point where a balanced budget can be enacted. As Barry Goldwater predicted, interest on the federal debt, federal retirement, and all of the other unfunded obligations will exceed revenue.

There are those who say a balanced budget isn't necessary, that deficits don't matter. Really?

If Americans wanted change, they would have elected Ron Paul. They didn't, and they're reaping what they've sown. It's not unprecedented in the course of human history. One need only read the old testament to see what a stiff necked and rebellious people the nation of Israel were. We may have our own carrying away unto Babylon, not because there is any other country more powerful than the United States, but because we have allowed our nation's leadership to be usurped by the global elite. I don't know that there has been a time in our nation's history where that hasn't been the case. The tools of control have become that much more refined, and we see it's intended result. The destruction of social order, and we know who is the destroyer, the Devil. It's only by the truth of God's word that we might be saved. God save us.


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