Friday, February 14, 2014

A World of Hurt « The Burning Platform

MA, there's one possibility which you didn't consider, and that is that TPTB wage a war against the American people.

While 5% of the American People, your number of 10% of Americans were patriots is incorrect, it's 5%, which makes your point even more, so while as many as 20% may protest a war, which we saw leading up to Syria, a test, it could be a ploy to cause civil unrest, blame that for the economic consequences of their policies, and implement a totalitarian police state in the US.

Do we fight against that? Maybe! The litmus test is the 2nd amendment. Without firearms, it could very well be Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia all over again. Starvation was the leading cause of death in Stalinist Russia. Lead poisoning will top the list in the US, if the FSA attempts to leave their ghettos. It's estimated only 10% complied with the MA law requiring registration of assault weapons and mags. How many will comply with national registration? How many Marxists are there among TPTB? We out number them exponentially in every meaningful statistic, with the exception of military power. Yet, the military didn't subdue the insurgencies in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm advocating non-violent protest, as vigorous as necessary to counter any offensive of the feds against their own citizens.

Our enemy is a formidable foe, but let's not forget who is the enemy, and the single tactic proven to defeat him, the truth of God's Word. See you on the other side, amen!

A World of Hurt « The Burning Platform:

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