Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emerging Markets & Peripheral Currency Collapse « The Burning Platform

Very interesting article. Happy anniversary!

Several weeks have come and gone since the currency crises in the BRICS. Around the same time as the bankster suicides.

Again, several weeks and nothing has come of it. While all eyes are on the spectacle of Sochi, the first shoe hasn't dropped, to wit.

What might be a diversionary tactic of TPTB if such a collapse were imminent, i.e. if the CB's were unsuccessful in expanding liquidity fast enough? Certainly they have a plan in place.

Food production would seem to be the most coveted resource. It takes a long time for people to starve, North Korea is proof enough of that.

Any increase in interest rates will lead to a unilateral collapse of the economy, because nations took on the debt of the banks. Only Iceland kicked the banksters out and have begun prosecuting those responsible. Ireland is wishing they had.

CB's can continue to print at ZIRP for a long time. Recognizing that these represent collateral on diminishing resources will lead to inflation. This game can continue for a long time, but there will be no unwind. There has to be a point where nation states choose the latter of Hobson's options and offer their own.

Emerging Markets & Peripheral Currency Collapse « The Burning Platform:

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