Sunday, February 16, 2014

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I like Michael Snyder, but some of his lists, and lists in general, provide little by way of problem analysis. They're just lists.

Anyway, my conventional wisdom after researching a number of issues which come up from time to time, and not in every case, but many times the treatment is take a pill, or diet and exercise.

KB made the point, should doctors prescribe medication for symptoms which can be controlled by non-pharmacological means. If doctors aren't held to a higher standard of conduct, then where is the moral boundary? Or do they get a pass simply by stating, I'm following the directions (orders) of my practice guidelines, hospital policy, the AAP, my higher ups.

As ObamaCare continues tear apart the social fabric of our nation, when will physicians, PA's, and NP's begin running their own clinics, and will they be allowed, or will the black market dominate?

I'll take the red pill, diet and exercise more, or suffer the consequences. It's like leaving something at home or the office. If you're constantly going back to get it, that's what you're conditioning yourself to do, instead of doing without that item, and remembering next time.


POP SOME PILLS « The Burning Platform:

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