Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Progressive Pulse – Top of the morning

I don't suppose there would be any issue from PW if Eshelman was a flaming liberal and I don't know how you could have seen it coming. It's rather surprising, if you asked me, but you didn't.

Have you examined the pedigree of the other trustees on the board of governors? Isn't Frank Daniels, Jr. on the board? Perhaps Eshelman will be an appropriate counter balance.

Even with Erskine Bowles' tenure of cost cutting, the school system is bloated from the top down. This is a right to work state, but that doesn't mean everyone has to work for the state.

The real problem is federal deficit spending, and these will be austere times from now until the foreseeable future. There is a right way and a wrong way to resolve the issues facing our society. I don't see how appointing a highly successful and highly respected individual to what is a nominal position can be anything other than good for the university system and the citizens of this state.

It isn't a take over, Chris, it's called taking back.

The Progressive Pulse – Top of the morning

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