Sunday, March 13, 2011

YOU TOO CAN LIVE IN A TENT CITY « The Burning Platform

Opinionated, please don’t blame our current predicament on Obama! We’re in a systemic rut facilitated started oddly enough, by Reagan, although some like to point back to Nixon. There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats in this saga. It will all have to come crashing down to change it, and not necessarily for the better.

We’re a nation that has stood for well over 200 years and seen unbelievable change just in the last fifty years. Wealth disparity will drive what JQ likes to call the fourth turning. Domestic pressure at home and an exponentially exploding federal deficit will force QE to infinity. Maybe it will work, but it will require every other country in the world to accept worthless $ bills as hard currency.

The longer the status quo is maintained at the top, the higher the level of misery will be at the bottom, until the wealth disparity is addressed. Good luck getting any of the beneficiaries of the current system to comply. The corollary to extend and pretend is that charitable agencies are being stretched to the breaking point.

YOU TOO CAN LIVE IN A TENT CITY « The Burning Platform

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