Saturday, December 17, 2011


In response to: BRANDON SMITH ON SURVIVAL PREPARATION « The Burning Platform

I haven't heard .223 mentioned as a standard round. Even my hunting rifle is a smaller caliber than .30/7.62.

Water, food, self defense, shelter and clothing, these things will be in short supply. Preppers will actually help keep things more calm than otherwise in a collapse, because the criminal element will be at a disadvantage against a well armed citizen able to defend their families.

The real threat is organized gangs and the federal government. It may be hard to tell the difference in a collapse. Hopefully, organizations like Oath Keepers will keep the military in check.

When they come for me, I'm going to make it hell for them. I'm not going to a detention center, and if internet censorship happens, an internet kill switch, cell service jamming, etc, I already know everything I need to know to fight back. There's hundreds of thousands of former military, hunters, and preppers, maybe millions who will stand between the feds and an authoritarian police state. Bring it on bitches. We'll settle our grievances politically and lawfully. America is not a battle field, unless our government goes rogue and makes it one.

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