Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ron Paul And The Coming Great Depression - Survivalist Forum

In response to, Ron Paul And The Coming Great Depression - Survivalist Forum

The rats are in full panic mode, including Krugman, who has no credibility.

The rest of the world, especially Russia and China aren't going to capitulate to the US federal government, and the only way the US gets out of spending into oblivion is world domination in which they control everything. Since that isn't likely to happen, war is the most likely thing to happen.

So, Trent has a choice, reign in federal spending and the federal government, or risk world war. He's says by doing so we risk a depression, which the good LadyFenix aptly points out we're already in, it's just the near boiling frogs haven't gotten it yet. One could argue, risking depression is better than risking war.

Trent, which are you for, settling things by warfare, or settling them politically and economically? The socialist welfare state is dying. How do you propose we fix it?

Do yourself a favor and don't listen to Krugman, he's an idiot.

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