Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shades of patriotism - Letters -

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Ahh, so you weren't hypocritically target Obama detractors, fine. And you consider socialism repugnant, good, because it doesn't work. Entitlements, however, refer to lots of things that 1) aren't means tested, like SS, or 2) are purely socialist, like medicare, remember, doesn't work, or 3) federal retirement, and now 4) rents imposed as interest on the national debt.

I have no problem with social programs, so long as money isn't borrowed to pay for it. We've worked ourselves into a corner from which there is no escape, except by God.

If you somehow think everything is rosy, and it's going to be all right, then tell me where $202T is going to come from. Right now, the Fed is trying to inflate it away. Without taking a hard look ar it, I can tell you It's going to take significantly more than that.

And before you think you can ignore it and it will go away, when the US Govt fails to meet it's obligations, SS checks will stop. Tell that to anyone receiving an SS check and they will turn either white or red, dependent upon whether they depend on that check to eat.

Folks, we have a real problem on our hands. When raising taxes and cutting spending aren't enough, you're down to entitlement reform. I suggest we start with the retirement benefits the US Congress has voted for itself.

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