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Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

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Top 1 percent of tax returns paid 36.7 percent of federal individual income tax - Shooting Sports Forum

WOW, are you guys living in La La Land.

Let's review, in 1980, corporations were paying roughly half of the tax burden, individuals the other half. Beginning in the 1980's, corporations successfully lobbied to have their tax burden reduced, without any corresponding cuts in spending, thereby causing the exponential increase in deficits we continue to see.

I don't advocate raising taxes, we need tax reform to lower taxes for all, and cut federal spending, which by the way, has crowded out private investment, so your "free market" sentiment doesn't fly.

In fact, we should get rid of the illegal income tax altogether. I just think it's more likely we'll see a world war or totalitarian police state, or both.

No one is advocating a socialist welfare state, even though we're saddled with it for the next fifty years without a population event, like a pandemic or nuclear war. Aliens fit in there somewhere, except that's what the anti christ is going to claim when Christians rise to meet their savior, but that's another topic. We're witnessing the slow, painful death of the socialist welfare state, however, it would be a disaster to cut public spending before turning the tide of 20 years of anti US labor policies. If there aren't any jobs, then anarchy ensues, similar to the 1930's.

The crux of the argument is the wealth and income disparity in the US. At the turn of the century it was the industrialists, today it's the banksters. The welfare class, middle class, etc, etc are not at fault, it's Congress and the top one tenth of one percent, who support the top one percent who are becoming the enemy, not the welfare class.

We give a man a fish, instead of teaching him to fish, then take the fish away without teaching him to fish. We're saddled with a socialist welfare state for the next 50 years, with boomers retiring, etc. That is, unless some population event occurs or Jesus Chris returns first.

Whether Dirty Harry's point is the standard living of the supposed poor in this country, or the fact that corporations pay little or no taxes in this country since they successively lobbied Congress to lower their tax burden beginning the 1980's, the simple fact of the matter is to get people off welfare, some opportunity must be provided. If you're not willing to roll up your sleeves, you really have no business whining, bitching, or complaining about it.

The same for the unemployed, where is the opportunity. Isn't this supposed to be THE land of opportunity?

The top one percent own eighty percent of stocks in companies that pay little or no taxes as previously described, enjoy fifty percent of capital gains, and are supported by the top one-tenth of one percent.

Again, the issue is income and wealth disparity. How we solve it can put people to work. Yet, our Congress is more interesting in serving the one percent.

It's going to get ugly when fiscal responsibility meets the FSA.

Here's an article about taxes on the rich being historically low, not to mention corporations who pay little or no taxes, since the 1980's. Jeez, you guys need to get a life.

I'm not talking about someone like Adjustor who owns a small business. God bless you. I'm talking about a entity recognized legally as a person, that outlives individuals.

However, don't get me wrong, I'm against taxes. As a wage earner, I pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden. So, I considered that we should add Wealth and VAT taxes to spread the tax burden across the spectrum of economic activity. Then I saw this would give the government a hook to steal everything and realized the right answer was to repeal the income tax. Unless and until that happens, corporations and the rich should damn well pay their fair share. Perhaps the rich already are, but corps aren't, and the fact they aren't is why we have astronomical deficits in the first place, among other reasons, chiefly a profligate US Congress. Hang'em all! But until then, WAKE UP! Corporations ARE the REAL enemy, and their stooges in Congress. ****'em, then hang'em.

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