Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform

The stupidity, it burns. I was making a point, and it's not advocating genocide.

The point is the holocaust is a lie, didn't happen. Know what did? Democide by Khazar facilitated communist coups in Russia and China, far more than purported by guess who, the same Khazars.

See a pattern of deception, yet?

It goes deeper. These same Khazars promote genetic purity among their own. They're racist, why? While at the same time promoting mass migration of a people who will never assimilate into European society, why? In fact, these are the same facilitators of slavery in the American colonies.

The first mention of the Khazars in history is in A.D. 1000, but they're unremarkable until the 1700's when Rothschild started the first central bank in his four sons.

True, God Almighty chose a people from among the nations of the world to make himself known, the Jews of the bible. The devil has chosen a race, the Khazars, to further his aims in the world. While his methods change, his motives don't, and that is to destroy all of God's creation. Yet, his fate is sealed. This, too, he knows, and will take as many with him as he can. There is no good thing in him, not one.

When one accepts the truth and applies it across the stratos, it becomes painfully obvious who are the truth tellers, and who are the agents of satan. Who will you believe? Who, indeed!

Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform:

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Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform

Z, you don't know what non-white is, although you should, being from N Texas. I guess where you grew up didn't get the integration memo.

That's the problem with most boomers. They grew up in the segregated society of the 50's, and everything after that was class division. How many black hippies have you seen? None? Because they were black panthers and the weathermen. Al Franken can croon about love and peace, while Farakan croons about killing whitey.

Still don't know what white is? Depending on who you talk to, he's the enemy.

Also, why do you give a fuck about the ME or justice, even if you've been there one or two times? White generation X from Texas adopts persian religion and suddenly wants peace in the ME. Nobody cared about the ME until oil was discovered, then the Khazars planted their flag and began their propaganda campaign to rid the world of anti-semitism. You have to hand it to them for their persuasiveness. You know who else is persuasive? The devil.

The palestinians don't have any more claim to the land than the khazars. It is holy land, and it belongs to the Jews of the bible, who will return, but not until Christ returns first. You heard it here, first.

Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform:

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform

Then, he wouldn't even clean up his own fucking mess. He should have at least gotten a ticket for littering. I say he got off easy. Hitler took his own life, while Hirohito, whose soldiers did much worse on his orders, lived a long life and died peacefully.

The reason is nobody gives a shit about Asia, or the price of eggs in China, and still don't. If a million Chinese died in an earthquake, would anyone care? No, they don't. Neither should anyone care about a million or so Jews. Stalin and Mao were much, much, worse, and their coups were facilitated by the Jews. The United States and Israel are stooges for these same Jews. So, you tell me, who is worse, Hitler or Stukfuk? Why, Herr Stukfukindabutt, of course, of course.

Stucky QOTD: Copfuks and Coons – The Burning Platform:

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

This Is The Real Threat To Us All: "Don't Be Fooled By The Magic Show"

This Is The Real Threat To Us All: "Don't Be Fooled By The Magic Show": "This serves as proof the real enemy isn’t the federal reserve, nay, they are agents of the true enemy of mankind, Satan and the Devil.

The proof occurred in the lead up to Y2K, and again, now, which is the force of nature. Man has no control over this force, but can work in concert with it. Who has the control over nature? Satan of course, who is the god of this world (Corinthians 4:4)

Think about it.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death – The Burning Platform

Trump doesn't get to shuffle the deck, he has to play the hand he's dealt. C and R are led by godless  murderers, both formed by jew instigated revolutions resulting in the largest democide in the history of the world. Trump is also dealing with the deep state and Israel, both stooges for the globalist financiers.

The best chance freedom loving Americans, and indeed the world, is to elect Freedom Caucus supporters in the mid term congressional elections.

Everything else is vanity.

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death – The Burning Platform:

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Administration sources: Creepy tweet was coded message to McMaster about leakers

Muslims terrorists are the spear point, but it is the Jew who wields the spear. No one cared about the ME until the internal combustion engine was invented and oil discovered in the Sinai. The Zionist movement was born.

We get medicine from the Greeks, law from the Romans, but it is the money changer Jew from which we get central banking to the detriment of all.

Administration sources: Creepy tweet was coded message to McMaster about leakers:

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Positive and Negative – The Burning Platform

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anti-semitism is nothing more than a construct invented by the Frankfurt School during the 20th century. People don't like gypsies, either, for a reason. Jews are not God's chosen people, they were in the OT, but not since the Day of Pentecost when it became possible to be born again of God's spirit.

Judaism is a dead religion. It died with Jesus Christ on the cross. Ashkenazim Jews aren't heriditary Jews, there's no mention of them in history until 1000 AD, when a tribe called the Khazars were caught between Muslims and Christians and instead of converting to either, proclaimed themselves to be Jews. This is the tribe from which the Rothschilds ascended and became the bankers to Europe in the 18th century.

Zionism took hold in the 20th century due to the Rothschilds influence, culminating with the establishment on the state of Israel in 1948, in order to destabilize and control the ME. It is the Jews, including Soros who are funding the mass migration of Muslims into the EU in order to destabilize and control the EU, and it is these Jews which seek global domination through the destruction of the West.

You are wrong about Jews, as are most Americans, as was I. They deny Christ, as does Islam, yet they are the most dangerous as they are already inside the walls.

Look up "Marching to Zion" by pastor Steve Anderson on YT. I always wanted to support the Jews of the bible, and I believed the lies that we're all told. Modern Judaism is as far from OT Judaism as east is from west.

Oh, and by the way, I still believe man went to the moon, but I also now believe the Holocaust is an exaggeration. Watch the documentary,, it's well worth your time. If you don't believe scripture, what will you believe?

Positive and Negative – The Burning Platform:

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