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Hamilton took a bullet, but Thomas Jefferson died broke. It seems he wasn’t all that great with managing his personal finances.

Even so, finance isn’t that difficult to figure, and more so than engineering, and imagine the outrage if public structures were built that only the elite could use, like the Brooklyn Bridge. There is proprietary and there is the public good. What is missing is a moral compass in Congress, wherein lays the bulk of corruption today.

The die is cast, automatic spending cuts which will take effect in Jan 2013 after the Congressional Super Committee failed to reach agreement on the same spending cuts as proposed by the Bowles – Simpson Plan amount to $2.4T over ten years.

The global financial system isn’t going to last ten years at the rate we’re going. Bernanke supposedly is less concerned about inflation than he is about a deflationary depression. Stagflation occurred in the 1970's until the deficit began to sky rocket under Reagan. While wages remained flat, public sector spending began crowing out private investment, where today there is no private investment except by huge funds. The other shoe will drop, and who ever knows where isn’t telling. It could be this Spring as OWS protests pick up in earnest.

We can’t have a housing recovery without full employment, and we can’t have full employment without reversing the trend of sending jobs overseas for the past twenty five years. A jobless recovery isn’t a recovery. Something else must be done to put people back to work, or we will continue to slide further into recession. When you pay people not to work, they don’t work, period.

The two party system has failed America. Obama has eleven more months to screw things up. If Romney is the best the GOP can put up to run against him, I will vote for Paul as an independent. There just aren’t enough of us Tea Partiers to decide the presidential election.

Monday, January 30, 2012

the state shares this dubious right but not with you - Shooting Sports Forum

the state shares this dubious right but not with you - Shooting Sports Forum

Life begins at birth, with the first breath of a new born. One can argue about when is a fetus viable outside the womb, but that's semantics.

The word for life used in the bible is "pnoes", it's the first breath of life. Adam became a living soul when God breathed life into his nostrils. Those are the facts.

Either live by the word of god, or your own understanding. Most people will cling to their own understanding, even when presented with the facts and thusly are correctly labeled "idiots", leaning to "one's own" understanding.

I didn't write the book. God did. Either live by it or don't, but don't lie about whether you do. The bible doesn't say anything about abortion, and even then, it's up to the individual(s) involved, not society. Or does society get to decide other medical procedures I might have? I think not, and anyone who does needs to rethink their position, or take a hike. If I want to kill myself, no one has a right to stop me.

Those who oppose abortion would do well to mind their own business, and stop minding everyone else's. Or where does meddling in the lives of other's end.

A tree is known by it's fruit. Eric Rudolph and the sniper who killed an abortion doctor through a window in his house should be proof enough of the fruit of the anti abortion group.

Abortion is not genocide. There is more than enough of that going on without interfering in the private lives of individuals.


When do we hit the tipping point? - Survivalist Forum

When do we hit the tipping point? - Survivalist Forum
That will be the tipping point, when the federal government shuts down due to lack of funds and the government cheese runs out.

There are certain federal government functions that will continue to operate, including Congressional payroll and presumably the military without the benefit of payroll. Everyone else will be on their own and it's SHTF.

I expect an uneasy peace due in large part to armed civilians. During this period, people will continue to go to work. That won't last more than two or three weeks. Hopefully, the National Guard will prevent widespread disturbances.

The last time the federal government shut down, mortgages weren't getting processed because the GSE's underwrite most of them. Other than passports and SS offices, or you conduct business with the feds, I'm not sure anyone will notice. TPTB will be in full panic mode and on red alert. Implementing whatever emergency plans they've made, whether continuity of government or GOOD. Expect more than a few private planes to be taking off, without return flight plans.

I would expect some sort of global settlement within 2 - 3 weeks. At this point, we would be in a full blown deflationary depression, by anybody's definition. People are already surviving on government aid, and that well has been tapped. The feds have been stockpiling freeze dried rations, but somehow I don't get the idea it's going to be for general distribution.

There will have to be some sort of catalyst to get the wheels of civilization turning again. There is a significant national defense concern. We don't want China or Russia invading our shores, or armed Mexican gangs running up the Interstates. Domestic concerns are a different matter, and one can expect regional violence on the scale of Katrina or LA Rodney King riots, not dissimilar from the civil rights riots of the 1960's.

At that point it depends on what services are still available, if banking continues to operate then businesses will continue to stay open while they can. If highways are open and petrol is available, trucks will continue to deliver goods. Power and telecommunications will continue to function. People that work at these institutions shop at the same stores as you and I. That is one thing that is different than in the soviet union, except it's money that keeps everything moving. That requires the banks, and the feds will do everything within their power to keep them open. Then it just depends on how the money is distributed. Businesses won't operate at a loss very long, so they still have to be able to restock, etc. If the general economy has collapsed, no one will have any money because they aren't receiving paychecks. So much is dependent on the federal government these days, but I'm not sure how you would resuscitate the private economy. Presumably there is a critical mass, by which enough government contracts have been handed out, that the money supply is enough for the economy to start moving again. That will be the beginning of the end. After all, if the feds are going to give away contracts for nothing in exchange, why do anything. Our federal government will have failed in it's charter, and there's nothing left but to replace it and eliminate it completely from any interference whatsoever in the lives of individuals. Let judges settle matters of dispute between parties, giving favor to none, with their word being the final say. It is injustice that has led us to this point. And it will be either man's justice or God's that will save us. God speed and God help us all.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Americans Renting from Foreigners - Survivalist Forum

Americans Renting from Foreigners - Survivalist Forum
That's the way a free market works. There used to be a lot of concern about the Japs buying up everything back in the 80's, I think.

A bigger concern is what is going to happen with all of the GSE owned forclosures. They're proposing selling them off in billion dollar parcels that will be turned into rental property.

So, we get into this mess because Congress wants a McMansion and Ferrari for all, and we end up as pauper renters. Sounds like the effing effing government to me.

There are lot's of things that factor in, and I have no problem with a free market. The problem is when government gets involved. They've essentially crowded out private investment, and the only thing left is to protest on the level of Vietnam era anti-war protests and continue raising the level of protest until the feds wake up and pay attention. The protest will be about jobs. It won't be easy to reverse 25 yrs of globalization, but Romney is the poster child for everything that is wrong with our economy.

I'll vote for Gingrich over Romney, and Paul over Gingrich.

I was spoiled. My first Presidential vote was cast for Ronald Wilson Reagan - Page 2

I was spoiled. My first Presidential vote was cast for Ronald Wilson Reagan

Reagan was the first progressive POTUS in the country, and each succeeding Administration has been progressively worse!

Let me explain. I remember Reagan clearly stating "Government is the problem" and "It's not a revenue problem, it's a spending problem". How and why is it deficit spending began to balloon under Reagan? And yes, I know there was a Democratic controlled Congress. Even so, can anyone not consider him a failure, and every POTUS after him?

Jimmy Carter was the last best POTUS this country has had. I'm basing this on the honesty and integrity of the individual. He was the last POTUS to take on the federal bureaucracy.

Ron Paul has promised to cut spending $1T his first year in office. It will be disruptive economically, but it's a necessary remedy to the out of control deficit spending by the feds. No one wants their piece of the pie touched, but there won't be anything left if and when the federal government shuts down, hyperinflation ensues, or a deflationary depression. Take your pick, because that's what the Reagan legacy has left us.

Romney is the poster child of everything wrong with our economy. I would vote for Gingrich over Romney, and Paul over Gingrich. That, and vote every incumbent out of office. Eventually they'll get the idea, it's we the people, not we, the special interests, if it's not too late, already.

Yeah, and let's talk budgets. The $2.4T in automatic spending cuts due to be implemented in January 2013 are structured to occur over 10 years, and much of that occurs at the end of 10 years.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breaking News!!!!!

Breaking News!!!!!

I don't think it's because she can't win. More to the point, I think she sees the writing on the wall regarding federal spending, which has been exponentially increasing since the end of WWII, to the point we're on the leading vertical edge and the federal bureaucracy is addicted to it.

Any cuts in federal spending is going to hurt the states first, just like services and cutting vacant positions are the first to be cut in the state's budget.

The federal government is going to resist this changing paradigm as long as possible, unless someone like Ron Paul is elected first. It's too bad the shell game being played by the feds won't be seen until January 2013, when $2.4T in automatic cuts are required, which even then are back loaded to the end of ten years, if they even occur at all. The feds will lose their ability to borrow $$ and will shut down before that happens, meaning SS checks won't go out. That's the reality of the fed's situation.

The reality of the state's situation is less dire, but dependence on the fed's must be cut to zero. Governnor Perdue is a darling of the Obama Administration, because she knows her place. Easley presided over cutting the state's budget and checked out. Perdue has done it once, and she doesn't want to do it again with the Repubs having redrawn the districts and most likely will retain the Legislature. Heck, even Brad Miller is quiting rather than campaign in a new district. Barney Franks did the same thing in KA.

Bev is quiting, pure and simple, because the liberals can't have it their way. The socialist welfare state is dying a slow painful death, and it must be hard to wake up to the realization it's all been a charade.

Quitting is what progressive liberals, who are neither progressive nor liberal, do when the gig is up. It's for the best anyway.

Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar? « The Burning Platform

Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar? « The Burning Platform

The neocons have finally met a situation they can't bomb away. Goldorack is right, Iran is nothing like Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran has been strategically significant, even during the cold war, with Russion wanting a warm water port to operate naval vessels. In Irage, almost 4500 dead, over 100,000 wounded (http://antiwar.com/casualties/), and almost $1.3T (thanks for the war clock, Admin) of debt later, and we've established a vassal democracy in the Middle East. Dictators are a lot cheaper, but out of vogue.

Iran is much larger geographically, roughly four times the size of Iraq, and twice the size of Afghanistan. Interesting enough, and I hadn't noticed it before, the neocons have Iran surrounded in some real world game of Risk. I don't think the US can afford to invade Iran, for any reason. Too many people are paying attention and it's been done too many times for a false flag event. Rolling up all conspiracy theories into one, and asking the question, what does the Devil have to gain? The answer is nothing. A one world paper currency whose value is controlled by the state which he controls is what he wants. A weaker dollar helps replace it with a broader currency that may include dollars as a hodgepodge of currencies. Not perfect, but the dollars usefulness as a fiat world reserve currency is coming to an end.

Besides, the Devil has gotten what he wants since 9/11/2011. A police state in the US and a global commitment to maintain crumbling fiat currencies in the dollar and euro. His ministry is to steal, kill, and destroy God's word in people's lives (John 10:10). We have witnessed the theft of tens of trillions of dolllars by the global elite, and we know it's located where it can't be repatriated (thanks Romney). A global financial collapse will result in the death of hundreds of millions, if not billions by starvation for the simple reason corporation are not in the business of losing money and they won't ship product at a loss.

There are three scenarios that accomplish genocide; nuclear war, famine, and pandemic. All of the money spent on bailing out the TBTF banks in the US and now Europe has gone into the hands of the global elite and hasn't eased suffering in the least. One in five families in the US are on food assistance, and the Greek economy has collapsed. The global elite are acting on a principle of giving a man a fish, so that he may eat for a day, and must return to the elitist every day for a fish. Eating for a day isn't my idea of prosperity or freedom.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. Roy Cooper
North Carolina Attorney General
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Telephone: (919) 716-6400

Mr. Cooper,

I strongly oppose any proposed settlement over mortgage fraud by the states Attorney General, and releasing banks from further liability, as not being in the best interest of the citizens of the state of North Carolina.

Billions of dollars are owed by the banks for using MERS to avoid paying land transfer fees, and well as "robo signing" loan documentation, documentation forgery and other abuses and fraud.

Principal modification should be done across the board on a percentage basis with a capped dollar amount. Everyone has harmed by the fraudulent practices of the banks and secondary mortgage market.

Any settlement releasing banks from further liability is unacceptable.

Yours truly,

[Name Withheld]
Raleigh, North Carolina

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ron Paul Dead Last in South Carolina - Page 2 - Survivalist Forum

Ron Paul Dead Last in South Carolina - Page 2 - Survivalist Forum
Paul won't do well in FL. Blue hairs down there don't vote for anything except what is in their best interest, and most of them don't want any changes to SS until after they're dead.

I went to see Bowles and Simpson at Duke University last week, and their message was "shared sacrifice". This is why their plan was rejected by Congress, and why the Super Committee failed to reach any agreement on essentially the same plan. They didn't spare anyone. Now we have $2.4T in automatic spending cuts being implemented in Jan 2013, Bowles and Simpson wanted $4T, and Repubs are already complaining about cuts in defense. Even this, I feel is a ruse. Most of the cuts come toward the end of ten years.

Paul is the only candidate willing to take on the bureaucracy in DC, and has my vote. Anyone not supporting Paul should get out a checkbook, and write a check for $200T, because that's the total amount of debt and unfunded obligations the US Government owes. Paul will reduce that by $1T his first year. It's a start. No other candidate is willing to make that offer.

32 yrs with the company .......cast out like yesterdays trash - Page 3 - Survivalist Forum

32 yrs with the company .......cast out like yesterdays trash - Page 3 - Survivalist Forum

 It's possible all pensions will be nationalized, and everyone put on social security.

Somehow, I don't think the politicians will put themselves on the same plan.

We're at a crossroad of human civilization. Never has so much information been available to so many people. The last time it happened was the invention of the printing press, which brought about the protestant reformation. It remains to be seen what the Internet will bring about, but clearly, the elites don't know what to do about it. Imagine, free will playing out on a global scale. It's enlightening to the masses, and frightening to the elite.

OWS, or something similar will play out this Spring as Greece implodes and food scarcity puts pressure on central governments once again. DHS will be ready. Thus, all the talk about "social media". They didn't need PIPA, they've got NDAA. Would they like to shut down forums like this, you bet. But with NDAA they can go after individuals. Just not as effective as shutting down whole sites.

There is some reassurance to recognize this is a global conspiracy and one not constrained by man made events. This implies a super natural phenomenon. There is a conspiracy, and a chief conspirator, the Devil. Those who know and believe God's Word know how this is going to play. This also means that we don't have some gestapo government conspiring against us. For sure, corporate fascism is alive and well, but they're still bound by laws and that's where the focus is needed. This Spring, protests should rise to the level of anti war protests in the 60's, and continue rising until the White House and Congress get the message.

What are we protesting for? How about jobs? My sign will read something like this,


Or, we could just hang'em. The message is the same.

Be prepared and be vigilant.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bowles, Simpson still push debt plan - National - NewsObserver.com

In response to, Bowles, Simpson still push debt plan - National - NewsObserver.com

$1.2T in automatic cuts are going to go into effect in 2013 unless Congress acts, Obama wants the Bush tax cuts extended to end of his current term in office. We're four years into the Great Recession that began in 2008 with the Global Financial Crisis, that has turned into the Global Soveriegn Debt crisis, because losses on Wall Street were absorbed by Central Banks.

I attended the Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture series event last night, and was quite impressed with both Erskine Bowles and former Senator Alan Simpson. The failure of Obama to enact the Bowles - Simpson Plan and the failure of the Super Committee to agree on the same reforms that are the in the Bowles - Simpson Plan has effectively kicked the can down the road to 2014, as it has been pointed out it would take a year for Congress to pass any reform. By failing to act in a timely manner, it's more likely that we'll see a government shutdown, when the debt ceiling is breached once again by the end of 2012. A temporary spending authorization by Congress to extend the debt ceiling debate until 2013 when a new Congress is sworn in will have kicked the can as far as it can be kicked.

Bowles suggested last night that given this scenario, he expects across the board cuts to be implemented, which he feels is the wrong way to enact cuts. I'm not sure any cuts will be forthcoming, as the US slides into another recession as stimulus spending expires and interest on the debt begins to draw against the stimulus effect of public spending, more and more spending will be needed, with the debt piling up with negatively reinforcing vigor, a black hole of sorts. The end result could be a full blown depression, with millions starving in the streets, all brought about by the federal government's failure to act, or rather, acting out of self interest and special interest.

Bowles also stated he believes the current recession is structural, not cyclical, which is a correct statement. I would be interested in his opinion of how we grapple with this issue. It could be the recessionary slide in which we find ourselves can be addressed with fiscal reform. What will be the catalyst that forces Congress to act? One can only hope it doesn't happen too late.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oppose SOPA, Now!

Rep. Bradley Miller [D, NC-13]
Phone: 202-225-3032

Mr. Brad Miller,

Please oppose SOPA and stop the federal government's lockstep march toward jackbooted fascism. Provisions within the bill will allow bureaucrats to censor the internet. American the beautiful belongs to the people, not the federal government. My concern is the War Powers Act, the Patriot Act, NDAA and now SOPA strip the rights of US citizens. I don't want to trade freedom for security.

Please oppose SOPA, now!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You Ron Paul - Survivalist Forum

Thank You Ron Paul - Survivalist Forum

I believe that is exactly what Dr. Paul offers, a message of hope. If you like the way things are going in our country, you're nuts. Jimmy Carter was the last President to take on the federal bureaucratic establishment, and he was tarred and feathered.

You're entitled to your opinion, and you're entitled to be wrong. Dr. Paul is the only candidate that offers a distinction between the other candidates from either party.

If you can't see that, then write a check to the US Treasury for $202T, because that's the total amount of US debt and unfunded obligations. It cannot be paid without tax reform to get corporations and the wealthiest Americans to pay their share, and entitlement reform to address the next 50 years of socialist spending with which we've saddled ourselves.

It's a god awful mess, and if you can't see Dr. Paul offers the only alternative to the establishment candidates, you deserve what you get. The federal bureaucracy has taken on a life of it's on and exists only to perpetuate itself.

Go ahead, nominate Romney, Paul can run as an independent and still win. Republicans will have only proven themselves as inept as the Democrats. Voters will vote for what's in it for me. Until voters understand voting for what is in the best interest of everyone, then we'll continue to pile on debt in useless wars, including communism, poverty, drugs, terrorism and the American people as pretexts for spending vast sums of money. I don't see the beneficiaries of all that spending offering a solution to repay the debt, only more of the same.

Crony capitalism, corporate fascism, corruption and greed are the order of the day. The tax payer and future generations of Americans are the ones who will pay for it. If the electorate doesn't rise up, throw out the incumbents and elect an independently minded individual as POTUS in the next election, it may be too late to do anything else about it.

America is the greatest country the world has ever seen, but corruption and greed threaten to end the American dream, the pursuit of happiness. By handing over the reigns to a corrupt class of politicians, bankers and corporate fascists, we are also handing over our freedom and perhaps, even our very lives.

Go ahead, vote for whom you like. More of the unsustainable borrowing and spending offered by the establishment candidates, or the only alternative to more of the same, Ron Paul.

Understood it could get a little rough if Dr. Paul is elected. The difference is it will be the establishment causing the economic disruptions in an attempt to get reform to fail. The alternative is to let the system collapse on it's own. I think it preferable to attempt reform. If any good comes of Dr. Paul's candidacy, it has forced the candidates to debate the issues publicly, instead of shouting each other down. When was the last time that was seen on the political stage, if ever? It's because Dr. Paul offers a real choice, an alternative to more of the same, endless wars, borrowing and spending. Are there those who would oppose such a message? Make the choice ours, not theirs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul - Everyone But Mittens Kick Rocks - Survivalist Forum

Ron Paul - Everyone But Mittens Kick Rocks - Survivalist Forum

Ron Paul is the only alternative to the establishment candidates in either party, so it's understandable that support from the other candidates is going to Romney.

The GOP has to decide whether they want to win the election in 2012, because the nuclear option for Paul is to run as an independent. This really isn't about partisan politics for TPTB, but about maintaining status quo, Obama is a better choice than Paul.

There are two decision points, whether the establishment is willing to keep Obama by not nominating Paul, who may run as an independent, and whether Paul is willing to hand the election to Obama by running as an independent.

My feeling is it's more important to keep an establishment candidate than allow a Constitutionalist to take office, so it becomes an anybody but Paul election.

Since the people supposedly have a voice in the primaries, even though the establishment money is going to Romney, their choice, too, is likely to be Romney, because in reality, they're scared and unsure of what happens when you take away the nanny state, which is going away anyway, to be replaced potentially by a police state.

A lack of an agreement in Congress over a debt ceiling hike could work in Paul's favor. The dysfunction in Congress would become apparent and emphasize the need for bureaucratic reform. Other opportunities for exposing the hypocrisy are the next time the debt ceiling is breached projected for September/October, a failure to reach agreement on another extension of the Bush tax cuts in February, or another crack appear in the global financial system. All of which could occur too late to help Paul's chances. The status quo has held it together thus far. I like the idea of putting the pressure on them to keep it together until the fall election before the wheels come off. Anything less and Paul could be elected as an independent, or elections postponed under martial law.

Unfortunately, there are too few who recognize the futility of maintaining status quo and too few who realize the path to freedom is to dismantle to federal bureaucracy and enact entitlement reforms. That is, too few until it's too late, and we'll see Greek style riots or worse over the worsening economic conditions. That is not to say there wouldn't be economic disruptions under a Paul Administration, that is inevitable. The difference is the bureaucracy will be causing the disruptions to thwart Paul's efforts at reform.

It's ironic that by choosing the establishment candidate over Paul, the GOP will be handing the election to the other establishment candidate, Obama, if Paul chooses to run as an independent. It also demonstrates the power of the establishment to choose candidates using the media, and the reluctance of the American people to take responsibility for their own lives and think for themselves. The freedom of speech argument for allowing unlimited PAC money, should have been used against it, because it silences the voice of the individual in favor of corporate facism, much like the deafening silence we hear in Congress over raising the debt ceiling within the next few days.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WOW!!! « The Burning Platform

WOW!!! « The Burning Platform

Let's hope people are listening to Dr. Paul's message, as well. The daily struggle to wake up the sheeple continues...

The other side to waking people up is they're scared and unsure of what happens when you take away the nanny state. Seniors don't want to lose SS or Medicare. We're saddled with the obligations of a socialist welfare state for the next 50 years. Seniors and children can't take care of themselves, and there are powerful interest groups who can.

Ron Paul, thus far has shown himself to be the best person to take on the special interests, in the interest of children and seniors, and generations of future Americans, who deserve better than a future of perpetual indebtedness to the rentier class.



There's a feeder fund issue in the MF Global scandal, as well. One would be led to assume the deafening silence and lack of details surrounding the case is because prosecutors are putting together a case. It seems that would not be the case. There have been relatively few prosecutions for white collar crimes, and those are just the crimes we know about.

Even calling MF Global failure a scandal is giving in to the spin. It was outright theft. If I understand it correctly, client funds were borrowed for other lines of credit. When the institution failed, the client funds were taken as collateral by foreign interests who refuse to return them.

Two things are wrong with this case. First, as this article points out, no transparency. There is no deterrent effect of prosecution with this kid glove handling of persons of interest. Maybe there is no justice anymore. Secondly, who were the foreign interests, the Russian mob, sovereign funds, who? Again, no transparency, and thus no justice.

The first American Revolution was fought because of the lack of redress over taxation. The lack of redress over justice for the individual in favor of those more powerful remains to be seen. This is in direct conflict the the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. This won't end well, when the peasants revolt after everything of any value has already been stolen, and the US is indebted to the rentier class in perpetuity. There are two possible outcomes, a return to individual freedom, or a police state. It isn't hard to figure out which direction we're headed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 – THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY « The Burning Platform

In response to, 2012 – THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY « The Burning Platform

It isn't just the CIA doing dirty tricks, wars on communism, poverty, drugs, terrorism, and the American people are pretexts for spending vast amounts. The federal bureaucracy has taken on a life of it's own, and exists solely to perpetuate itself. Carter was the last POTUS to take on the bureaucracy, and he was tarred and feathered. Ron Paul is the only viable anti-establishment candidate for 2012. It's up to every right minded individual to support his campaign.

Here's a link to highlights from the 1/7/2012 GOP debate in NH, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK1dDce_LwA

The look of shock on the faces of the other candidates when Paul exposes one hypocrisy after another is priceless. In evoking MLK and civil disobedience, Paul has established himself as the leader of a movement to dismantle big government peacefully, and a movement that will not die should misfortune befall him. I know little about the Tea Party, so I looked it up. Read the 15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs at http://www.teaparty.org/about.php There is nothing there that any right minded person will not agree, except those getting a free ride at other's expense.

The status quo will stop at nothing to maintain their way of life, including making all of us "the enemy". It's up to each and every one of us to stand against the tyranny and injustice which has become representative of our federal government. With one voice, we can elect Ron Paul and begin the process of disarmament and restrained government.

Are there those who will be pricked by a change in leadership philosophy in the oval office? Surely there are, and they will stop at nothing to protect their interests. It is up to the other 99% to see to it the interests of all are protected, even the little guy.

Admin, thanks for a great post and a great start to a new year. God help us all.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just when you thought the GOP legislature couldn’t get any slimier… « The Progressive Pulse

In reponse to, Just when you thought the GOP legislature couldn’t get any slimier… « The Progressive Pulse

Banana Republics are what happens when socialist welfare states fail. Central planning (socialism) doesn’t work, look it up, neither does welfare (paying people to not work) doesn’t work, see Jamestown.

Regardless of the cause, or whether you agree, or not, we still end up with a police state.

The repubs and the dems are not different in this regard, see NC recent history.

Ron Paul is the only alternative to the status quo, if it’s not too late already.

What happens when the debt ceiling is raised, and no one buys treasuries? The Fed buys them, diluting every other dollar in the money supply. What happens when the feds can no longer meet their obligations, social security checks don’t go out. So, it’s either cut spending and quit borrowing, or inflate away the debt, or both. My expectation is that the feds will continue to borrow and the Fed will continue to monetize the debt, neither of which can be regarded as “promoting the general prosperity”

But, you stick with the tired old arguments of partisan politics. It’s not at all counter productive.

Or better yet, just bury your head in the sand and ignore that light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Philip Pilkington: Of Idiocy and Anomie – Ron Paul vs. the Nanny State Liberals « naked capitalism

In response to, Philip Pilkington: Of Idiocy and Anomie – Ron Paul vs. the Nanny State Liberals « naked capitalism

The federal bureaucracy has taken on a life of it's own, and exists solely to perpetuate itself, thus the link between the state and wars on communism, poverty, drugs, terrorism, and now American citizens.

Ron Paul offers the only alternative to the status quo, among all of the candidates.

Anyone not supporting Paul can instead get out their checkbook and write a check for $202T to cover unfunded entitlements and obligations.

After you cut spending and raise taxes on those who aren't paying any, mainly corporations, but also the super rich, then you'll find out the gap is still insurmountable, and we will be faced with entitlement reform, redefining pensions, etc.

Paul offers the best chance to do this orderly or systematically, or it can be done at the point of a gun by a police state. The choice, simply put, is ours to make.

Help a No0b with Dehydrated Stores please! - Survivalist Forum

Response to, Help a No0b with Dehydrated Stores please! - Survivalist Forum

I would start with adding what you eat normally every day. Check the expiration dates and you can easily stock many person months worth of food. i.e. 2 people x 3 mos = 6 person months. Here's a food calculator, http://lds.about.com/library/bl/faq/blcalculator.htm

Then add powdered perishables, like eggs, milk, etc. I get mine from http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/

You'll want lot's of rice, beans, wheat, honey, long shelf life stuff that's a good investment considering purchasing power has been declining steadily for a hundred years.

Next I would get freeze dried stuff, I'm looking into different options now, including some stuff from Honeyville.

After that come learning sustainable living. YMMV, good luck.

Monday, January 2, 2012

GAME OF $200 OIL CHESS « The Burning Platform

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Ahmadinejad has nothing to lose and everything to gain by standing up to the infidels, even at the expense of his countrymen. He's fighting a Jihad, and regional war in the Middle East strikes at the heart of the West.

I don't know what is motivating the neo cons. It would seem they're setting up the Middle East as a hundred years war. Wars on poverty, communism, drugs, terrorism, and now the American people have only been excuses to spend vast sums of money and create a federal bureaucracy that has taken on a life of it's own. The neo cons see a never ending war in the Middle East as the key to their being able to spend as much money as they like on military expenditures, regardless of the outcome of next years election. The federal bureaucracy is an enterprise intent on it's own propagation in perpetuity, and war, in the feeble minds of those who subsist on the public teat, is surest way to accomplish that, basically a distraction while other nefarious actions are taking place to secure status quo and enslave man. It reminds me of a Springsteen song.

This will be an interested year with the US presidential elections, and the Mayan spiritual bullshit. War in the Middle East would send the world into a tailspin. Better just the threat of war, for now. It's almost reassuring to see the lengths to which TPTB will go to protect their own interest, and to see them expending so much effort. In the end, freedom will prevail.


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Anything to split the conservative vote and deny Ron Paul a win. Newt splits the progressive vote for Romney, so it evens the field.

It also goes to show how desperate the status quo is to not upset the apple cart.

There should be some satisfaction in seeing the establishment running scared, but there isn't, it's just sadly pathetic.


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If oil goes parabolic, billions will starve this time around.

Some neighboring counties to the south of where I live are selling mineral rights to companies. There is one main individual who stands to gain the most from the transactions, who bought the mineral rights back in the seventies for the possibility of coal exploration. There are legal issues around the ownership of the rights, however, the State of North Carolina is studying fracking.

If it can be done safely, why not? A few exceptions doesn't mean it has to banned, it just means it's been successfully used most of the time, and there should be contingency plans for when things go wrong, like relocating people, etc.

The problem is a lack of accountability by corporations and government for their actions. Just look at BP and the Gulf of Mexico, or Exxon and Prince Williams Sound. Oops, nothing to see here, move along. I'm sure our congressmen and women sleep well at night knowing they have abdicating their responsibility to the electorate in favor of corporate interests.


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I talk to a number of people who believe energy independence would be an economic boon for the US, considering we've made a lot of middle eastern very wealthy, not to mention the oil supplies of Venezuela and Russia

Why is it that through no virtue of their own, the top one tenth of one percent are allowed to accumulate a disproportionate share of the fruits of production, that the last time it occurred in early twentieth century it resulted in a depression, and the same thing is happening again?

In the early twentieth century, most people lived on farms. Today, the catastrophic effect of a breakdown in the supply chain caused by a lack of available fuel would be devastating, with billions of people starving. Again, there is the analogy of Icarus, that without regard for the fact the ground was fading from view, he flew higher and higher.

There are plenty of think tanks contemplating a reactionary perspective of what happens if certain scenarios play out. How many are focused on preventative measures? In other words, why is history repeating itself with regards to wealth accumulation? Is it truly the "natural" order of things? That's far too easy an explanation. Jobs didn't "naturally" wander off to exploit cheap labor overseas. It's by design. Responsibility should be required of all capitalists, even if it hurts. When the driving force behind corporate decision making is to maximize value for the shareholders, the top one tenth of one percent, including making bribes and influencing the US Congress, then there is no other outcome than self destruction. It's only when accountability is required of those in a position of authority that there can be any other outcome.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

JESSE’S 2011 REVIEW & 2012 PREVIEW « The Burning Platform

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@Oscar, “unremitting hubris” may continue, however, God will not forsake his own, wherein lies hope. That hope is embodied in the candidacy of Ron Paul, who would take on the mantle of David versus Goliath in challenging the federal bureaucracy, if Goliath is even a fitting term, more like leviathon. God help the good doctor should he win.

Hope will have to do for now.

Jesse presents a thought inspiring year end wrap up, and forecast for the new. It’s nice to see it done so concisely and thoroughly.