Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You Ron Paul - Survivalist Forum

Thank You Ron Paul - Survivalist Forum

I believe that is exactly what Dr. Paul offers, a message of hope. If you like the way things are going in our country, you're nuts. Jimmy Carter was the last President to take on the federal bureaucratic establishment, and he was tarred and feathered.

You're entitled to your opinion, and you're entitled to be wrong. Dr. Paul is the only candidate that offers a distinction between the other candidates from either party.

If you can't see that, then write a check to the US Treasury for $202T, because that's the total amount of US debt and unfunded obligations. It cannot be paid without tax reform to get corporations and the wealthiest Americans to pay their share, and entitlement reform to address the next 50 years of socialist spending with which we've saddled ourselves.

It's a god awful mess, and if you can't see Dr. Paul offers the only alternative to the establishment candidates, you deserve what you get. The federal bureaucracy has taken on a life of it's on and exists only to perpetuate itself.

Go ahead, nominate Romney, Paul can run as an independent and still win. Republicans will have only proven themselves as inept as the Democrats. Voters will vote for what's in it for me. Until voters understand voting for what is in the best interest of everyone, then we'll continue to pile on debt in useless wars, including communism, poverty, drugs, terrorism and the American people as pretexts for spending vast sums of money. I don't see the beneficiaries of all that spending offering a solution to repay the debt, only more of the same.

Crony capitalism, corporate fascism, corruption and greed are the order of the day. The tax payer and future generations of Americans are the ones who will pay for it. If the electorate doesn't rise up, throw out the incumbents and elect an independently minded individual as POTUS in the next election, it may be too late to do anything else about it.

America is the greatest country the world has ever seen, but corruption and greed threaten to end the American dream, the pursuit of happiness. By handing over the reigns to a corrupt class of politicians, bankers and corporate fascists, we are also handing over our freedom and perhaps, even our very lives.

Go ahead, vote for whom you like. More of the unsustainable borrowing and spending offered by the establishment candidates, or the only alternative to more of the same, Ron Paul.

Understood it could get a little rough if Dr. Paul is elected. The difference is it will be the establishment causing the economic disruptions in an attempt to get reform to fail. The alternative is to let the system collapse on it's own. I think it preferable to attempt reform. If any good comes of Dr. Paul's candidacy, it has forced the candidates to debate the issues publicly, instead of shouting each other down. When was the last time that was seen on the political stage, if ever? It's because Dr. Paul offers a real choice, an alternative to more of the same, endless wars, borrowing and spending. Are there those who would oppose such a message? Make the choice ours, not theirs.

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