Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Conscience of a Moderate Washington's Blog

One more Insider suddenly gets a conscience and writes a book to cash in on their career. I suppose it would be helpful to know the causes of why the reactionary policies of an Imperial federal government have all failed, except they didn't. Carter was the last best POTUS this country has had, unless you're a neocon. Maybe that's George's problem with Speth, he worked for a peanut farmer from the South.

I'm with George all the way with being anti-war, except war sometimes comes to you. I'm not a pacifist, and I believe on of the legitimate roles of government is securing the peace. The difficulty in this regard as in most things political, is how to achieve it.

It's obvious what works and what doesn't. What is missing is the will to fix what doesn't, and arrive at a consensus over what priority problems should be addressed.

The US federal government is the most powerful force in the world. To what end will it be used, and the proof appears to be the expansion of global dictates. Reagan began an Imperialist expansion, which has seen countless lives being lost, and to what end? Ongoing wars in Syria and Ukraine over energy and the loss of individual freedom. What's next? A continuing struggle for every last natural resource on the planet. There's no need to fight over the fisheries, because the ocean's are dying. Food crises will continue foment unrest in importing countries.

The thirteen hundred year struggle against the spread of Islam, depending on which side you're own, may be the greatest current threat to world peace. As I stated, sometimes war finds you, and these globalists, notably China, Russia, and the US, and the internationalists, notably the financiers, are unwilling to cede on any matter.

Would George be willing to cede that it is the internationalists that are at the center of the current struggles over energy, and behind the rise of ISIS?

The devil isn't going to announce his plans for anyone to see, but anyone who can see, recognizes his handiwork.

How then, does one overcome this pestilence and blight on the whole of mankind? How, indeed!

The Conscience of a Moderate Washington's Blog:

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