Friday, April 29, 2011

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April 15 was tax day. It's going to take approximately two months for the feds to burn through the receipts, then the deficit takes off like a rocket. No one is going to buy US Debt, except the Fed. So the earliest the wheels come off is the middle of June, unless some other black swan event happens. it's possible extend and pretend can extend a little longer. The Ben may have put off a depression by guaranteeing the collapse of western civilization. It's a good thing we spend more money on defense than all other nations in the world combined, because that's how this plays out. Ben's plan works if every other nation in the world capitulates to the dollar. But even all of these are a smoke screen.

The real cause of the US economic problems are simple. First is the amount of GDP flowing to the top 1% of households, and the second is the level of taxes corporations pay compared to individuals. These two issues are readily fixed if the US Congress would do their jobs. Without fixing these, there's no recovery.

PRINTOCCHIO « The Burning Platform

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tillis meets with groups about state health plan - Politics -

The State Health Plan was changed only recently from being fully vested at 5 years to being fully vested at 20 years of employment. Scott Anderson can view it as compensation if he likes, but the simple fact of the matter is North Carolina is self insured, and the plan needs and should pay for itself. It's not compensation, it's a self sustaining benefit. Should the servicing plan with BCBS be scrutinized? Probably, but the State Health Plan has to pay it's own freight, meaning it's members pay the premiums, choose healthy alternatives, and maybe support the medical claims tort reform the Legislature is proposing.

This may enrage those of you who favor a nanny state, but we're witnessing the failure of the socialist revolution on a global scale. North Carolina can reform it's spending priorities now or potentially find itself in a worse position in coming years. Even the NCAE has to recognize having any benefits is better than none. One can even surmise, as the Federal Government reigns in the deficit, if that's even possible in this political climate, that North Carolina may find itself a net recipient of skilled talent as people leave states with failed economies and high taxes. Let's see to it North Carolina doesn't lose ground in very difficult circumstances.

The best thing in this situation is for the House to find the votes it needs to override the Governor's vote buying veto and get on with the state's business. Let me reiterate the State Health Plan should be self sustaining, and put the servicing plan out for bid. Insurance is not a losing business. It's time the NCAE learns to stand on their own two feet. The same for anyone else who wants nanny to take care of them.

Tillis meets with groups about state health plan - Politics -

Monday, April 11, 2011


“Eliminate all deductions, all loopholes, and all credits, for everyone. I’m not tied to a flat tax or fair tax or a particular rate.” Absolutely, no question about it, but it won’t happen.

Pass a balanced budget amendment and require a super majority before raising taxes, it won’t happen.

End the income tax, instead of adding wealth and value added taxes, still won’t happen.

All of these things need to happen but won’t. What will happen is the logical conclusion to a game of buying votes with borrowed money, and when there’s no more $$, we’ll print more, bidding up the cost of votes. The FSA marches on!

Oh, forgot to mention, this only works for the Feds, the states have to balance their budgets, and have their hands out, too. Better crank up the presses!

Can WWIII be far behind, or will the world capitulate to dollar denominated rule? Stay tuned!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

RE’s Daily Rant-4/9/2011 « The Burning Platform

@So Very Doomed said, “A 90%+ Die Off seems certain in the Occident.”

Not very likely, even if we were to revert to a late 19th century means of production, although a die off of any magnitude will seem like it’s 90%.

RE made a point (ugh) that as fossil fuels become more scarce, the more powerful will consume them. If that were the case, that would be the end of discussion, however, one has to consider natural gas, and coal production as means of producing electricity, not to overlook nuclear. So, the argument isn’t as simple as RE makes it out.

How does one resolve the poverty problem? How simple does it have to be? Beginning with LBJ and the great society, you pay people to have babies, they have babies. Beginning with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, you pay people to not work, they don’t work. The fix is easy, quit disincentivising those who produce, and stop incentivising those who don’t.

I’m not familiar with MA’s five years of hell, but basically, our socialist state created the problem, and we’re experiencing the results. The fix will not be pleasant, but better than continuation of the problem. Until we own up to the failures of the socialist state, we ARE doomed.

At some point, even the statists in Washington will wake up to the fact the socialist model is failure. The only question left is whether they will resign peacefully or by force.

RE’s Daily Rant-4/9/2011 « The Burning Platform


What we are witnessing is the end of the socialist revolution, begun in 1917, and we are at a crossroad. Call it a fourth turning, the end of a seventy year business cycle, the decline of the empire, or the end of civilization as we know it, greed at the top levels is about to reach it’s ultimate conclusion.

No doubt there are various forces that conspire to bring about a one world government, but they will govern a wasteland. There are two paths which our society can take, totalitarian government or individual freedom. The statists will prefer any government that maintains status quo, at the expense and to the detriment of all. The alternative is for a right minded and God fearing people to defend their lives, their liberty and their way of life by any and all means necessary to correct the domestic abuses that are causing nations to revolt.

Should the federal government continue in it’s headlong rush toward financial armageddon by refusing to reign in spending, it’s going to find itself isolated from the very states that form it’s constituency, and may very well face dissolution by constitutional convention.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

What’s the next Move? « The Burning Platform

Of course, the world is watching, and probably wondering why would the US go into Libya. It's such a lame ass move! Let the fuckers kill themselves. Quadaffi has been in power 40 years, what difference does it make if he stays? I agree once the US committed forces, he has to go, unless we do an about face, which is the right move, but it won't happen. Another post addressed why we're in Libya and not Cote d'Ivoire.

The reason we're not in Syria is because of Russia and Iran, which borders the warm water port of the Black Sea which Russia covets.

It just defies logic why we're in the middle east for oil, when we could just as easily drill for oil here, or convert to NG, just ask T Boone Pickens, he's been an oil man all his life.

It can't be for oil, but there's another possibility. You can't have a one world government with a bunch of tin horn dictators who won't follow the play book. Again, he's been in power for 40 years. Same for much of the ME governments, whether monarcy or dictatorship. Perhaps Libya is the example to be made if the other petty caliphdoms don't line up. That is the most reasonable explanation of the inexplicable.

Freedom is contagious. Armageddon is upon us, and it's a spiritual battle. Every person will have to choose between individual liberty, or totalitarianism. You decide.

What’s the next Move? « The Burning Platform