Thursday, April 19, 2012

NET SOBER? « The Burning Platform

There aren't enough FEMA buses and camps that will hold every US dissident when SHTF. I would suspect the continental gitmo camps are for rounding up enemy combatants during any hostility, not trying to find names on a list. Now, once picked up, yeah, they might match the name to a list.

I've done all the interim prepping I need to for the moment, and could survive 2-3 months of just about anything except CBR (NBC in my day). Anything beyond that and we're pretty much back to 19th century technology for sustenance, for which I'm ill-prepared even with heirloom seeds.

The Devil is the god of this world (II Cor 4:4) and we can't defeat him, which won't happen until Revelation 20:7, which is after the devil has been sealed in a pit for a thousand years. However can destroy his works. "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil." (1 John 3:8b).

I mention these scriptures because we can't defeat Satan of our own accord, it requires putting our faith in God. By all means, prepare with every means at your disposal. The enemy is cunning, but he is not all powerful. If we put our faith in God, as our forefathers did in the founding of this country, then we may wrest it once again from the grasp of the adversary, whatever it takes.

It didn't take long after the founding until the New York banksters got their hand in the till. This time around, they can either remove it, which is doubtful, or have it cut off, which I will willingly oblige.

NET SOBER? « The Burning Platform

Sunday, April 15, 2012

DICK cheney endorses Rmoney, clinches nomination for Paul! « The Burning Platform

Super Tuesday won’t come soon enough for us in NC. We get to vote on a Marriage Amendment and the primaries.

I’m a registered Independent, so won’t be voting any primaries, which sucks, just the amendment.

I will be voting for Dr. Paul in the general election, if they’re held. How come if 11 of 50 states are technically bankrupt, with obligations totaling more than can ever be paid, and spending falling slower than revenues, were aren’t hearing the apocalyptic banging of the drums on state defaults? The simple answer is the feds have stepped in to fill the gap.

NC owes billions in unemployment payments borrowed from the feds, one of the highest amounts in the country. They’re working on ways to pay that back.

Employment numbers are slowly improving, depending on how you count them, but it’s an improvement.

January 2013 is the next time the can gets kicked down the road, when tax cuts expire, automatic budget cuts are triggered, and long term unemployment payments expire.

I'm gonna party like it's 2012!

DICK cheney endorses Rmoney, clinches nomination for Paul! « The Burning Platform

Friday, April 13, 2012


HZK, socialism fell because central planning is a failure. Capitalism became without any natural predators, and it too will fail due to one fundamental flaw, inequity. When the wage earner or producer of raw materials provides a dollar of input to production, they are paid their dollar and told “thank you very much”. When the capitalist provides a dollar of input to production, he expects to receive a profit. We have heard for years this is because the capitalist is taking all the risk. Really?

When the game is rigged, or properly regulated, which ever the case, all inputs of production should receive a proportionate share of the profit based on the dollar amount of their input.

Properly regulated and held accountable, the fruits of production should be shared by all who provided an input.

I suppose that is asking a lot. We will see what is required to settle accounts.


Monday, April 9, 2012

America: A Government Out Of Control « The Burning Platform

Satan would have a one world government to more effectively enslave the global population. The homey’s in FL are not an issue. The homey’s in DC are an exponentially greater problem. Martial law and the suspension of constitutional rights are an exponentially greater problem.

The Trayvon Martin case may trigger some retaliation violent crimes, as they already have. There may even be a Rodney King style response by the black community. It didn’t work in 1992, even when the riots spread up and down the west coast as far South as San Diego, and as far North as Portland, OR. These were disaffected individuals looking for an excuse to commit mayhem.

Even this isn’t a big problem as long as you don’t get caught up in it.

The bigger problem is state sponsored violence against it’s own citizens. And no, I’m not talking about police brutality. The american people won’t stand for it, and the only way it will be successful is an all out assault. AWD and his kind will go underground, and wait them out. No foreign country has been foolish enough to invade US soil since the american revolution. The US federal government would be equally foolish. Wars aren’t won with bullets, boots or technology. They are won with commitment, determination and perseverance. While there is no doubt the enemy, the Devil, is cunning, there is equally no doubt as to the outcome of all out war, or Armageddon. Human will, sacrifice, and courage will win the day, regardless of how many traitors the Devil has recruited, or how powerful.

America: A Government Out Of Control « The Burning Platform

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Michael Hudson on Why There is an Alternative to European Austerity

What else is there to say, really?

Michael Hudson on Why There is an Alternative to European Austerity:

(c. 54:27) “Whenever you have a misunderstanding of reality year after year, decade after decade, and now for a century, when a false picture of the economy is painted you can be sure that there is a special interest benefiting. A false picture of reality does not happen by nature; it is subsidised. And the banking sector has subsidised a junk economics that is taught in the universities, broadcast from your newspapers, mouthed by the politicians, whose election they sponsor, to try to make you believe, that you’re living on Mars in a different kind of a world—instead of the actual country that you’re living in—and to pretend that there is no financial class that is trying to grab what belongs to the public at large. This is what ends up with a difference between central bank creation by the government with the government aims of economic growth and full employment, as compared with commercial bank credit that aims at economic shrinkage, at austerity, at lower wages, at lower output, so that it can do to you what the commercial banks are doing to Greece, to say give us your ports and your land and your tourist areas and your water and sewer systems, so we can charge you for water and sewer. And we can take the money that you had expected to get in pensions and we can scale it down, so that we can pay ourselves.

(c. 56:10) “This is what it took an army in times past. And today it’s done without an army, as long as you will be passive and believe the science-fiction of the world that banks are painting. Thank you. [Applause]”