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"All Knew That This Interest Was Somehow The Cause of the War" | naked capitalism

Welcome to life in a primitive land, which it was until around the turn of the 20th century.

Don't get such a high and mighty attitude since this is also the history of the nation which includes those who profited the most, railroad barons who elected Lincoln and transitioned to Industrialization.

The first slaves arrived in the new colonies in 1511, less than 20 years after Columbus claimed the new land for Spain. And we all know what a delightful caricature was he.

I tend to agree modern day wage slavery is little different except the 99.99% are being coffled today, a testament to the advance of modern technology. Those to whom the benefit accrues and by whose hand the atrocities occur is about the same percent.

I will point out, however, that these same atrocities are being committed today by muslims against christians, and in whole populations of 2nd world countries, some if not most instigated by the CIA, esp. in the western hemisphere.

Where is the outrage against Chinese slave labor and human rights abuse. Made in China? Hey, it's cheaper! It's hypocritical then, to lambaste the same exploitation which was galvanized under Lincoln.

Schizophrenia abounds with the intellectual elite, profit above all! It's no wonder psychopathy follows close behind.

"All Knew That This Interest Was Somehow The Cause of the War" | naked capitalism:

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Will Adverse Selection Force ObamaCare into a Death Spiral? | naked capitalism

I’m sure single payer would solve everything, except this unmitigated disaster of social engineering from the liberal left would be hardly as damaging.
The way this plays out is a two tiered system of retirement and health care, one for the elite and those who can afford it, and one for everyone else. At least that’s the way the elite envision it. The inconvenient truth for them is the devil will as surely destroy them as well as everyone else.
Enjoy your croissants.

Will Adverse Selection Force ObamaCare into a Death Spiral? | naked capitalism:

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How Obama Could Beat the Debt Ceiling and Go Out a Hero | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

I've heard as high as a quadrillion dollars given for the actual US debt. That's why the ~ $18T debt listed at the fed can't be paid off. What would be done with the other $200T in outstanding federal obligation?

The feds are unable and unwilling to balance the budget, and have become fascists. They will resist any attempt to reign them in. Carter was the last POTUS to even attempt it. The 4th and 5th generations of federal bureaucrats will fight to preserve their way of life at any cost. Fascism is the path of least resistance for them. They are the shadow government of lore.

I'm a fan of Ellen's ever since I read the article on helicopter money. Those in control will refuse to relinquish control, and I for one, will refuse to acquiesce as long as there is strength in my body to draw breath.

There is a day of reckoning on the horizon, this super cycle of human events, and it can't come soon enough.

How Obama Could Beat the Debt Ceiling and Go Out a Hero | WEB OF DEBT BLOG:

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Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around the United States on Climate Change | naked capitalism

If the US isn't going to change, and change is irrefutably required in the face of catastrophic consequences, then we should expect catastrophic consequence.

The assumption is sea levels are going to rise, destroying coastal habitat. Climate change is blamed for the drought in the SW US and flooding in the East.

In fact, climate change was happening before man could possibly have effected it, and will continue regardless of man's impact.

Whether or not man, as a species, is rushing headlong into oblivion is another matter, but I wouldn't list climate change at the top of this list of causes, despite the absolute and utter hyperbole presented here.

The schizophrenia nature of this site is tiring. On the one hand, social change must be dictated by mandate to prevent Armageddon. On the other, that which is actually occurring and pushing our society closer to the cliff is the ACA, caused by mandate. You can't have it both ways.

Of all the issues with the potential to alter life as we know it for the worse, climate change is at the bottom of the list, since attempting to avert it will cause the same. At least you'll be able to say, I told you so.

Multinational conglomerates are going to have their way regardless of any activists efforts to the contrary. One of the ways this is accomplished is by group think, and that is exactly what this site promotes, liberal elitism. Lucky for you there's a cause de jour to get worked up over.

I realize my comment may not be well received, and I'll tell you why. My standard for the truth is the source of truth, God Almighty, and he's bigger than liberal intellectualism, humanism, and global warming. There is also a cause for the supernatural attacks against man, and that is the Devil, who's evil knows no bounds and would destroy that which God created, if it were possible.

Given there's a common enemy, the defense against which is accomplished only by truth, all other efforts are guaranteed to fail. You cannot negotiate, wish away, ignore, overlook, deny, or otherwise avoid what is reality for every person, the opportunity to accept the truth by confessing Jesus as Lord, and believe God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved. (Romans 10:9 - 10). Saved from what? The wrath of God. It's the only way. One need only look at what happening in our country and in Europe to realize events are unfolding in a less than humanistic manner. Russia and China are already godless owing to their governments, what is left is Europe and the US. The Southern Hemisphere will follow the Northern. It is up to the individual to stand against the wiles of the devil, in all his forms. He is defeated one soul at a time.

While I agree, carbon monoxide emissions are a concern, I'm not sure what if anything can be done. There's no doubt the author of this article has a carbon footprint higher than would be acceptable in his Utopian society of alternative energy. So, basically, he or she would dictate everyone else do what he or she won't do willingly.

I can assure the author there are higher concerns.

Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around the United States on Climate Change | naked capitalism:

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christian Persecution - Page 4

Christian Persecution - Page 4: "LDS are not even monotheists at their core, therefore cannot be true Christians.
Except that you're lumping all LDS together. God looks on the heart, not you.

I agree that the issue of monotheism is why LDS is considered a cult, like JW and others. If you want to have a discussion about the polytheistic doctrine of the trinity, let's have at it.

If a Mormon is saved, and follows the teaching of the church, then the church is responsible for what it teaches, not him. IOW, it's not a sin to be ignorant, it's a sin to be ignorant when it's available to not be ignorant.

Now, let's apply this to mainstream christianity. If a person is saved, i.e. confesses Romans 10:9-10, and their church follows the Council of Nicaea including the doctrine of the trinity, i.e. a triune god, is that person any less a christian?

Yet, that is exactly what you're saying. It doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot. I like ZG's response, which is the christian response. seminolebreakingwind and others who want to define christianity in their own image aren't doing themselves or anyone else any good, which is the opposite of what a christian should be.

We are warned of false prophets, and the church has been splintered ever since Rome corrupted it, if it were possible, with paganism in the 3rd century. Martin Luther split from that church, yet even he wasn't able to arrest the corruption of the trinity. It's time men and women began living as the 1st century church, loving one another and showing compassion for one another, not the aberration it has become.

Some things to consider,

God never told Paul to build buildings in which to worship him
God never established Sunday as a day of worship, the jewish sabbath is a Saturday, if you want to follow the law.
Bunnies don't lay eggs, but they're wonderful props for spring fertility rites
Christ wasn't born on the winter solstice

But the biggest lie perpetrated on the christian church is the doctrine of the trinity, which 80 percent of christians either don't understand, or don't care, and if they don't understand it and you explain it to them, they don't agree with it. The other 20 percent vehemently defend it.

To the OP, persecution of christians world wide is as bad today, than at any other time in history. This can be demonstrated with what's going on in the middle east. Yet, there are those who would say that because you don't profess your christianity a certain way, that somehow what you say is any less inspired of God. Go tell it to the easter bunny, but don't try to tell me or anyone else they're less of a christian, or worse, not saved. It really rankles me when someone starts questioning whether someone else is a christian because of how they choose to worship God. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, not their denomination.

Thankfully, this nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Don't believe me, read the 1st amendment. If you don't like that one, read the second. "

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